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[XB1] Unable to change Hero Class

I have noticed that I cannot actually switch Hero Classes. It claims the Class being used is not active.

Whenever I unlock a new Hero Class, the newest Class is already reading “You gain these bonuses because this is your active Class!” But at that point, I haven’t even switched yet to the new Class using the “Change (for free)” button. What it means is that I then have two Classes that are simultaneously reading as ‘active’.

@jerry_a mentioned here that his Hero Class did not record any victories ever. The Class that I switch to is indeed able to gain victories, but at the same time it keeps claiming I’m not actually using that Class (“You will only gain the bonuses above if you change this to be your active Class.”)

This might have something to do with what I reported back on July 1st:

*Hero win victories on a Class the user isn’t able to switch to
(difficult to change Class in the first place, doesn’t seem to activate the first time-- Luther keeps popping up demanding “You’ve unlocked your first Hero Class. Let’s go set it up!”)

I filed a ticket with Support but haven’t heard back from them. I wanted to know if I should refrain from unlocking more Classes until this gets fixed.

Thoughts? Has anybody else run into this bug?

Okay, this GIANT GLITCH with the Hero Classes being unavailable (“Your class is not active”) is getting really annoying.

I would love to use the Archer and Sorceror classes with my armory of purchased weaponry… I have a lot of these weapons because they sounded really cool… but noooooooo that’s not a possibility.

I’m losing Defense battles at 100%. I do NOT have Emperor Khorvash nor Mab to use as counters to help stave off said massacre of Defense. It would be nice to put up a Hero Defense equipped with something fiercer, with bigger teeth…

Any ETA on getting this nasty bug stomped?

This bug still exists for people?!

Sorry, this thread appears to have slipped under our radar. We’ve fixed this bug in our upcoming guild update, but it should just be a display bug. All the functionality is still there, it’s just displaying the incorrect help text for your classes currently. So your inactive classes will all say ‘You gain these bonuses!’, where as your actual active class will say ‘You will gain these when this is your active class’. Your bonuses and wins progression should work correctly.

I apologise, we didn’t catch this one before our update went out.