Decoupling hero class with the advent of GW

It’s always been an annoyance that switching hero class is limited or costly. But with the onset of guild wars it’s turned into a real limitation.

As it stands right now, I can’t use different hero classes in defense on consecutive days, because I can’t be online during reset to make the switch. (regardless of cost) Making the switch any time other than reset means that some of my defense battles will end up with the wrong hero in them.

I’d like to see the classes re-imagined not as “me” but as followers or mercenaries, allowing me to have multiple, single classed heroes that I could assign like any other card. This could be a benefit available at some point after earning the hero weapon. You could still restrict them to one hero per team.

Failing that, I’d like to see the class choice done by team slot rather than universally. You’d still have the same timers/costs associated with it, they’d just run separately.


And vaguely related: it drives me crazy that classes are “from” a kingdom, but don’t count for kingdom power…

I was just thinking about this myself this week. Currently, I belive I have two defense teams that use different Hero Classes, three offensive teams that use different Hero Classes and two explore teams that use different Hero Classes. Some of those overlap but that still means, at the very least, I have three different Hero Classes I like to use. Being limited in such an artificial way is really frustrating. I know the devs put that limitation in for a reason once upon a time, but I think that time is past.

Free our Heroes! Free our Heroes! Free our Heroes!

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This was just discussed exhaustively a month ago. And brought up a few days ago in another thread. Ill happily comment and Like to increase visibility of this topic.

In addition to items mentioned in the OP

  1. Hero Gem cost class needs to be re evaluated (eliminated).
  2. All the underdeveloped Hero classes examined. (like when a kingdom is updated)

I agree including your third point. :wink:


So much to discuss regarding point 3!


Everyone will take away something different… :wink:

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I fundamentally disagree with point 3, and feel @Strat is firing blanks at this point.


I had to take a call and couldn’t finish my post, lots of fun here while I was gone.

At this point I think it makes more sense to let everyone imagine what number 3 was going to be. And this might be too much… but I had number 4 planned too :smiley:


Argh the suspense!!!


You are such a tease. :persevere:


It is certainly an annoyance of sorts, especially considering how under-utilized heroes are (barring deathknight defense recently).

Might I suggest

  1. removal of the gem cost to change classes
  2. a one-time gem cost to “add” that hero class to different teams. Say, 1000 gems.

Example: I have archer class chosen. I pay 1000 gems to be able to use both Archer and Deathknight on different teams (not on the same team). Want to add another? 1000 gems.

Not sure how great of an idea this is, but throwing it out there.

I like the idea but I think 1,000 gems is way too high off the bat; newish players wouldn’t be able to afford it for way too long. Maybe adding something like 10, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1,000, etc.

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Yeah, the idea for the high initial amount is that most people won’t really have the need for more than one or two. And that newer players will still have the same option to change their singular hero, but now any time they want.

Considering that 1,000 gems is about $60-$80, I still think that’s too much right out of the gate. :stuck_out_tongue:

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since guild wars + death knight class were introduced my hero has been locked and i cannot use it anymore outside of dk
(once deathmark is nerfed i may switch to assasin and still be locked)

so yeah i agree something needs to be done

(feel free to dislike the fact i use dk but i am not going to feel guilty about increasing our chances to jump higher bracket next week)

in past i made a suggestion about allowing player to use more then one class for team building,
the amount of classes would depend how many allowances the player unlocks (costing with gems) the first one would be free ofc


didnt notice, thats more or less likely what i had in mind but with more stable cost, maybe 50, 100, 150, 200…