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What about heroes with the new GW defense update?

Don’t know if anyone has thought about this, but how are heroes utilized in guild war defense with the update coming?

Will a different class of hero on different days still count as different troops? If so, how can we plan our teams for the different days ahead of time without paying 50 gems each day to reset class?

I saw that you can lock in your defenses every day and I don’t believe you can change them after that. I’m curious if this will be an issue for many.

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Anyone know?

Or is a different weapon considered a different troop?
Wondering myself.

As hero can only be selected with one class and weapon a time, I am pretty sure he will count as one troop only. Also I think there would be announced weeks ago if we could have multiply classes and weapons with Hero on differently teams. It would have been like the best news of the year…

However this is probably not a confirmation which you are after. However I am 90% sure I am right, and if not, oh well…

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With the variety of a hero though, I can’t imagine that you should get punished for using him/her.

Are you not talking about if we can use hero with 6 differently weapons for all the guild wars days for defense and be able to get max points for max unique troops? If not I have misunderstood you.

Yes that’s what I am asking.

I presume it was never considered so you can only use 1 hero a week.

Here is my best guess:
6 different weapons should be considered 6 different troops, imho


The fact that things are locked in does beg the question, will it lock in Hero CLASS which CAN be changed every day to maximize functionality in each team.

Again my opinion is that it is locking the TROOP in place (in this case Hero with specific weapon) but since the CLASS is changed elsewhere, I would imagine that you should be able to change class and see that change in your GW team.

This makes sense to me, but is most assuredly NOT confirmed by any means.