Dilemma about Hero

I have my Hero in my defense team for GW. He has a class I normally don’t want to play with in PvP. And I just feel that Hero is not available for me at all in PvP, since I don’t wanna use the currently class hes selected with in PvP. Also I do not want to change my defense team in GW. So I am pretty much locked…

This is really annoying, and I hope a solution for this will come in the future.


So much this.


I noticed the same thing. I wanted to switch so I could unlock one of the new hero weapons, but that would mean I couldn’t use the hero for GW (unless I used a class I didn’t want). Makes something that was only occasionally useful even less usable :frowning:


Now moved to Feature Requests, it seems more correct. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So basically you want to use Deathknight for GW but not have to use Deathknight in any other game mode. :wink:


I agree, also now my hero is not available to invade with in GW matches at all.

You can pay Gems to switch! :imp:

Pardon mac?

You can switch classes as you like with Gems. So pick the class you want while you’re playing then pay gems to switch your class to whatever you want on defense while you’re not playing. I was mostly joking. I don’t know why you’d pay that many Gems to switch your class. Definitely not worth.

Thank god it was a joke. :relaxed:

Same here. Can’t use DK and Mechanist at the same time.

Class needs to be exactly the same as weapon - on a per-team basis, and just slotted together with the weapon. It’s one of the major problems that makes the hero cumbersome instead of usable for most purposes.



Sadly if this was easy to do, I believe devs would have done it, either early in creating the team UI, or since, given the complaints. I hope moving to Unity allows this better.

I want to use:

  • DeathKnight or maybe Archer as a grief defence, especially for Guild Wars, as every bugger I face is doing it to me
  • Mechanist for Explore mode when the Snots task needs it
  • Archer or Assassin or Sorcerer for PvP

As it happens my hero is stuck as a Titan while I unlock the weapon reward, which makes him purely decorative and not used in any of the above.


Thank God I’m not in your bracket!

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Totally agree, but unfortunately it looks like it needs a lot of coding to fix. When you think about the tabs in the troop menu, plus the way that class weapons unlock, it’s not an easy change for the devs to make

I doubt it’s too difficult - it’s almost certainly more a matter of resource allocation. The devs only have a certain amount of man-hours available, and they need to prioritize. It seems likely that nigh-on 100% of those resources were dedicated to guild wars up until now, and it sounds like they’ll be focusing on guild war bug fixes & crafting next.

I’d honestly rather see per-team Hero Classes first, since as you mention, lacking them makes Guild Wars a lot clunkier, to say nothing of all the other gameplay they’d improve…but that ain’t my decision to make. ;p

I suspect the 50 gem change cost was initially part “we don’t want people to give up on this class before they can figure it out” and part “make money of the gem cost to recoup the time spent coding it”. I don’t know how many people actually pay to change their class, but presumably the devs do and they know if it’s worth the time to re-code.

Liking and commenting to bring attention to this. Even though this exact some thing was discussed ad nauseam a few weeks ago.