Remove Hero Class Restriction


Since all these new cool classes coming out for hero, the biggest problem i’ve always had is having to kinda “waste” 50 gems just to switch classes… It’s very frustrated waiting 24 hours with having to use any gems for a waste. When you just want to have fun and mess around with other classes. I think the spending 50 gems for a change should be removed after these last two classes, actually somewhat made hero some what viable in game now, so should deff look into it! :smiley: :sunglasses:

Devs PLEASE remove gem cost of changing class (Will be fixed early 2019!)

Basically they can’t let us set a class for different teams and avoided answering whether they’ll remove the cost. This to me suggests they want to keep it at 50 gems to change for whatever reason that may be. :moneybag: :moneybag:


Even just less then 24 hours or something, It’s rather annoying having to watch a gem count because of this cost, and yes, I guess I don’t get enough resources either.


I would love to see them get rid of the class switching fee. If they did, I would use my hero card more. As it stands, I won’t pay the switching fee since it’s a waste of 50 gems. I’m sitting on a large hoard of gems and wouldn’t contemplate using any to switch, so I can’t imagine anyone with a normal amount of gems ever using them to regularly switch classes.

I hope that they will revisit using a fee once they fix the class technical issue that they discussed on the Q&A stream.


This class fee is so rough…


Yes, this cost needs to go.
I want to use my Necro to farm souls, my Oracle against loops, and my new Bard in the same day .

I’d pay gold to switch but not diamonds.

How about making it free after a VIP level? Like scouting.


I know this may not be a 100% liked idea, but other fees are waived as a VIP Reward (see Scouting), why not consider this as the reward for VIP 6. I KNOW there are alot of VIP 5 players who stop there because the VIP rewards beyond that don’t have the bang for your buck, Hero Change Fee waived would have me at VIP 6 yesterday.

Just sayin’… :sunglasses:

EDIT: Great Minds @Venar Great Minds! :wink:
And thanks for sniping me… :rage:


Omg, wonderful idea, as I am a Vip player as well. I’d love that little extra benefit.


I just read it all, I had nothing to add, good suggestion all over!


This sounds like a great question for the next Q&A.


Yeah, I use such a variety of teams, where shoot even I wanna play with all kinds of builds even with the NEW classes, even if they weren’t implemented yet. But yes, now I wanna play with dragons, bang switch to dragons for hours, then later you’d want to switch it up, for bard, etc in the same days, that’s how I look at it as I like to run with various amounts of teams and messing with new things etc. It’s all fun to me!


And the HERO is supposed to be the ultimate utility player. Right now he is not. Because he has the biggest restriction in the game, you may only change his BEST features once a day, and you better hope you don’t need him to be something else at some point.

I can understand why they would want to tie that to the premium currency, but they also have to know that there dedicated player base has just adjusted to life with one Class per day.

@Saltypatra, @Ozball : Offer it as a VIP 6 reward, get all of us 5ers to give you the $$$'s you want and then give us what we want. A HERO that truly is the STAR of the game. PLEASE!? :innocent:


Or VIP 4 as there’s no incentive to go from 3 to 4 unless you want VIP chests in which 4 is just an irrelevant stepping stone.


Now that we are getting less than half the gems we use to and there is some good hero classes and weapons the gem switching cost needs to go.


That doesn’t really fix the inherent issue. I don’t care about the cost, I want to be able to set up a team that stays that way, even when changing hero classes. Quite frankly, the current “hero class in a team” handling is a design atrocity that shouldn’t ever made it past the brainstorming phase, no matter how much alcohol was involved.


While I like this idea… a lot…

I’m trying to be realistic and speak to their wallets. There are so many players already at 5 that offering it at 6 is more probable imho.

But for the record, I’d be cool with it at VIP 4 too!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m the same on yellow day I want to use Bard in GW, Dragon to get the weapon and mech for explore.


I appreciate that.
However counter point would be there’s a lot at 3 (for the scouting) but see the jump to 5 as a big gap.
Going to 4 isn’t. And when you’re at 4 the gap to 5 doesn’t seem so big :wink:


That is a fair counterpoint! :clap: :clap: :clap:

I would suggest to the devs to look at the number of VIP 3 vs VIP 5 players and multiply those numbers by cost of 5-6 for the 5ers and cost of 3-4-5 for 3ers and whichever is the greater gain should be the course of action.

Was that clear as mud? :thinking:



why not have it count down like 24hrs free 12.5 hrs 25 gems etc etc longer you wait price goes down untill free.