Hero is a pain in GW


  • half of his weapons are mono-color and it’s not something that we generally can consider if you want a full color bonus.
  • cannot change his class as you want because of the gem fee

So my propositions are quite simple:

  • boost some weapons by adding a second color
  • remove the fee
  • or make it possible to change the class (there is already a button)

I agree that 50 gems is ridiculous just to change a class. Good thing we don’t have to do that for every troop.


We fought hard to get the fee removed. We were able to get it from a 1 week free change to a 1 day free change.

They want to keep it as is to encourage the use of using 1 hero class. They don’t want it being something that is constantly changed every hour.


Hopefully they will think it over, at least make it changeable without paying gems every 6 hours or so.

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Totally agree, also need to allow the hero to be used in different classes at the same time on different teams.

I have Khetar/Undead, Giant and Mist of Scales/Naga teams where I would dearly love to be able to use all these to their optimum whenever I would like.

For a game with team building at its core, this is a very restrictive design decision that has been made. One, I don’t agree with.

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Who are the “they” fighting it?

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Maybe that: Can we please rethink the class gem barrier?

Or maybe at least make it where you can choose what hero class for GW battles. And keep it outside of GW the same 1 change per day.

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Thank you for explaining the reasoning behind the decision. From a business standpoint its not very prudent (OK might it actually harmful) . They sell a product for real money (Hero Weapons). Then discourage the player from wanting to buy more because of the artificial restriction placed on changing Hero class to actually use other the weapons. In addition to their lack of power and Mono color mentioned above in another post.


I think @Tacet was talking about this:

Honestly, I don’t feel being the Hero, even for 5 seconds… The Hero is just a special troop, that’s all.

I found also these sentences:

After 2.1? Yeah it’s the good time to remember that to devs: @Sirrian & @Saltypatra


@turintuor Looking over that thread reminded me how nice it was when there were video previews for patches.

Good times. Please make it happen again. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Saltypatra @Sirrian

It has been a year now since we got a video preview for a patch. Crafting/ Dungeons would be a perfect concept for a preview video.


Fixing this would mean the devs give a damn about the player which in recent months they sure as hell have not. The changes they have made are actually the opposite of careing for the players.


Strat nails it.
So you spend real money on buying new weapons but are completely discouraged from being creative with classes and weapons unless you pay a pretty hefty amount of gems ? You can change teams at will, why not hero classes? It’s completely ridiculous. I’m waiting for the staff of madness on ps4 but due to the limitations I’ll probably only ever use it as a curiosity weapon whilst doing casual pvp.
This needs some changes implemented as surely folks will then buy more weapons?


If you want us to “be” a class then give us powers that benefit our teams even if we are not using one of the crappy weapons.

I also completely agree that it feels like everything the devs have done as of late has been for the sole purpose of the bottom line, not player fun. I get making money, but pissing off your user base, which you are more and more every day, is the opposite path to profit.

I personally think that if you can change troops every minute - you should be able to do the same with the Hero

And Guild Wars actually now makes it semi practical but it costs so dang much

@Nimhain @Saltypatra @Sirrian???

Sorry, new to all this. Don’t even know where or how to ask a new question. But here it is… How is it that me and my opponent have the same guy both mythic both with all traits both level 20 no team bonuses yet his attack health and shield are all higher than mine.

He/she has more kingdoms with 5 stars or more kingdoms at level 10, or both, than you @Spyder.

So leveling kingdoms change your skill points?

Leveling a kingdom to 10 will give a +1 skill bonus to whatever skill is offered for that kingdom. Gaining 5 stars in a kingdom gives another skill bonus. So once you have a kingdom to level 10, and get it to power level 5 you will gain 2 to that skill.

And that would generate a major point difference? The situation I’m talking about is say if you add up attack shield and health my numbers are significantly lower like 20 to 30 points lower.