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1.0.9 Preview Part 1 – Hero Classes

SO many changes! So much work to do in the WIKI…


Hopefully we get 50 team slots now, to partially make up for it. We needed more anyway, but now need EVEN MORE!!! Would be good if it doesn’t let you select the team with a different defence class, giving you an error.

I agree this sounds like a worry… Will the UI help us here? I’m assuming that the Hero class is set globally (as it shows on the map screen and picks up experience from battles etc whether the hero fights or not) and so any team with the hero in it will get the current (global) class… Which will make it hard to design more than one effective use of the hero at once… Reducing variety rather than increasing it, perhaps…? @Sirrian?

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When I started making guides back in February of last year, I stopped updating them in May because it became too much work to keep up. xD

At least with the wiki you will easily be able to find people to assist.

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I guess it doesn’t seem logical to have the hero’s class set at the time you put it in the defence and different from it’s icon on the map. But it would prevent people from accidentally setting flawed defense teams. @Sirrian Easiest solution?

Yes, the Hero’s class is Global.
There really wasn’t a good solution that allowed us to set a class on a per-team basis without making the Team Creation menu too complex.
Okay… that’s not entirely true… I can think of some good solutions without too much difficulty, and so can you guys & gals, I’m sure. A more accurate way of saying that would be: There really wasn’t a good solution available for it given our time contraints, budget, & programming resources for 1.0.9. It’s something we might address some time after 2.1 if it proves to be a problem.


Mr @actreal
Thanks for the effort puttong that 2gether

I dont use more than 10 team slots .
I guess you could put 3 units that work with a certain heros class. Then you can just move the hero in when in that class .
Name the team whatever class its built for.
P.s. sry for multiple short replies in a row…guess i need to read the forum how to lol
@penguinblender you cheater :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Oops replied wrong spot. Was talkin bout lookin in the steam folders lol

@Sirrian - is the left arrow gonna work on the hero armor so i can go from celestial to dragon without going through all of them?


Yes it is! (At last)


And can we simply ascend to next tier with a single click instead of the current screen-breaking, 100+ clicking implementation?


Now that one is a clear +1!

Sorry for sounding so negative, but it really does feel like a terrible design choice to me.

From what I was able to gather, the hero will be the most powerful troop as of 1.0.9, even stronger than Legendary troops. Meaning that I’ll want to put the hero in almost every team. The hero will also be highly customizable, taking the role of tank, damage or support based on class and perk selection. Meaning that even a minor change to the hero setup (e.g. switching from Warlord to Sorcerer) will wreck most team compositions, because the pieces no longer fit together. Somehow I can’t get rid of the picture in my head of selecting the next PvP opponent, picking a banner, exiting to the global hero configuration screen to fine tune the hero and then returning to PvP to start the match. For each fight.

Which gets me to the other piece of bad news, being locked into your class for five days. Say I’ve been playing Warlord to max level, now I want to work on leveling up Sorcerer over the weekend. I switch the class, automatically breaking all my PvP teams, because a Sorcerer is unlikely to work well as front line tank. I replace some teams with whatever helps me to get started on the Sorcerer road. Come Monday I’m facing perfect builds with my low level Sorcerer while trying to climb the ladder. Ouch.

Please tell me I’m missing something obvious. It sounds like you no longer want players to experiment with team compositions and just stick to as few teams as possible forever. Which is really a shame, now that you’ve given us so many toys to play with.


I agree with a bunch of your points - the SNAFU that will ensue upon changing a hero’s class, for instance. Can think of a couple of better ways to do that

I do want to point out that with sufficient preparation, you wouldn’t have a ‘low level’ issue to deal with. Because it “only” takes 5k souls to level a class up to 20 AFAIK.

I think the part where we’re locked in for a while will help us not to burn through all the classes in the first week. Wanting to try the new stuff is a thing, but those classes could last halfway to the next patch or longer with this model.

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Let’s keep naming calling to a minimal until we see actual stats please.
I’m not sure about the Hero being the most powerful… since as it is the current Hero is pitifully weak.
So what you perceive as major buff may simply even out to a small advantage over other cards.

On the other hand, I actually see this change as something that adds to flexibility, and not restricting it. At least I’m excited that Hero will be able to adapt to different roles. However, the class-lock deal IS kind of a pain, so perhaps consider reducing the non-free change cost to something small? Even if we have to use gems, then at least price it as 1 gem per class change or something plz?


That was the other thing! We don’t know what the legendaries’ stats and traits will look like. So balance questions are not answerable yet.

I think for the majority of player base who are not in top guilds, even just 1 Gem can be a big deal. The 50 gem price tag in the video is simply too devastating to support those who enjoy multiple team playstyles. :dizzy_face:

Possible solutions outside of revamping programming infrastructure can be…

  1. Alter class-change cost to 1 gem per change OR
  2. Reduce the cooldown timer from 6 days to 6 hours

What about this idea:

A “favored class” (d&d 3 anyone?)
Select your favored class, then switching to it is always free and can be done anytime.

You’ve leveled your warlord to max, and built done good teams around it. You decide to level sorcerer for a while, and make the switch. It’s ladder reset tinge and you switch back to your favored class for free.

As to the idea of having to reset your deck every time you switch, that’s why there are so many team slots. You have your 3 favorite warlord ones, then a few sorcerer ones etc.


I can see where this will leave some teams as not fully optimal, but it also gives us more diversity on the teams we will face. Some days a Warlord might be leading the giants, some days a necromancer. Yes, you’ll miss out on the giant and Brokenspire bonus when you’re a necromancer, but you’ll have other benifits.

We’ve been spoiled by team bonuses. The bonuses are nice, but not essential to every team.

I see something like the Warlord Class, and I want to use the Staff of Madness with it. Does it make sense? Not really, but +4 magic on the weapon is powerful.

Let’s play with the hero again and then see if it really feels like a major inconvenience.

I’m excited for the idea of class challenges.

Or guild wars that will require certain classes to do certain things…