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What 3.1.5 will be about?

It was clear that patch 3.1 would focus on Crafting (and it was).

But now what devs are going to “cook” for us in the next patch?

Candidates are:

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UI definitely is in there somewhere. Gotta match the Soulforge and Dungeons, no? I can’t imagine they planned to keep this mismatch for more than 1 update.

I have yet to see anything made official, but 3.1.5 is likely to include:

  • New UI
  • 27/30 GW
  • Unique GW Defends
  • Balance Changes

Ew. Not looking forward to it. :nauseated_face:


Same for me.

I really hope that devs are not going to throw away the “old” UI and put an option so we can choose one or the other UI…


Unlike everyone else in this thread, I’m super excited for the new UI.


Why you like it?

And is it possible to keep the old one so everyone could choose/use what they prefer?

I think it’s pretty. It’s unlikely at this stage if we will be able to leave the old UI to be chosen, as it will be a fairly significant overhaul. Sorry to all the old UI lovers!

That is double the work moving forward for new UI elements. Not an ideal use of dev time.

Count me among those who don’t prefer the new UI look. I like it just fine, but it isn’t as rich/detailed as the current UI. Would look great in “Gems of Space” (possible sequel???), but it doesn’t fit as well in a fantasy setting, I think.


I think UI feedback has been lost in the incessant complaining about tasks. I’m hoping there’s still time to give feedback and shape it some!

If you could give one piece of feedback on the UI…

I’d ask it be more “fantasy” and less generic. It almost feels sci-if to me at the moment.


It seems UI will be for the 3.2 not the 3.1.5:

Maybe new UI bashing should be more appropriate in this topic :wink: .

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Dang, sniped!

That’s my concern with it as well. It feels uninspired, and disconnected from the setting. I think it’s possible to strike a balance between “Ye Olde Radioe Buttonne” and “Gems of Star Wars.” This isn’t it.

Also, that blue slider? Kill it with fire.


I hope 3.1.5 includes the addition of crafting materials to Legendary Tasks to replace the stolen Gems.

Oh, here’s a for-sure inclusion in 3.1.5: troop filters that are actually pleasant to use!


We will be looking into troop filters further.


get rid of sentinels because the top guild getting 1500 are the only ones maxing and they are number 1 every week! The could bring reward down to 1000 for 1st and 750 for second and 500 for 3rd to help pay for this! GW should not be a gift to top guild like it is right now and its now worse since the gem nerf!

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I don’t mind the new UI, but maybe it is being developed in order to make the game more light on all plataforms? I’m not an adept of the ocult arts of programming, but i always imagined that all the current elements of the UI makes the game more… hungry… for energy/memory.

Maybe i’m wrong, but one thing i know for sure, checking the game for tributes (the load screens and all the process in high quality) on my phone consumes 2% of it’s battery charge since 3.1 dropped and maybe changing to a lighter, yet simplist, UI would help in this sense because it would allow more people to enjoy the game on more cheap/older devices, hence helping with the game difusion…

Back on topic: For 3.1.5 i hope that i finally see Gnolls being reworked to not have random targeting on their spells…

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@Delinquent and @Lyya

I’m right there with you on the new UI! Not that is “bad” its just not an appropriate fit for this genre. My initial comments months ago on the Sci-Fi UI got completely buried as well because there were in the crafting preview.

Oh well, being out the Lasers and Disruptors and lets see how Psion handles that. :yum:


So nothing to be excited about.

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