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Video: Hero Classes Explained

Hello everyone! Today I go over everything you need to know about hero classes. If you have any additional questions about hero classes not mentioned in this video, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. :slight_smile:



Nice timing there. Almost like you planned it.

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It wasn’t planned, but it seemed like the perfect time with their update today. I had quite a few people on PC/Mobile asking for it too.

I just now realize I completely forgot to mention the switching class mechanic. xD

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Well I did say almost.

And apparently, consoles start at 1 free change a week unless you unlock a new class.

Oh lol. PC/Mobile started on 1 week timer, but it was eventually reduced to 1 day when I and others complained about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have wasted about 500 gems on switching classes back when it was a 1 week timer. I haven’t spent gems yet since it was reduced to 1 day.

Yeah I did find that disappointing. Oh well, don’t need Creeping Death so Sorcerer here I come and plan to stay unless I somehow come into 18 Stealths.

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Yeah, top 3 classes for level/traits would be:

  1. Archer - most versatile and basically has Great Maw’s ability
  2. Sorcerer - highest magic damage
  3. Warlord - best for early game and has highest skull damage
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Agree all around. And since I lack greens, going to go with my scythe doing 21 aoe damage

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Turns out the timer itself was only for 24 hours

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Such a good video. You should include the “goodbye, hehe” at the end of every vid to match the hellooooo at the start of them all!

Great video and details for those of us that just got classes on the consoles.


Necromancer was the first class I traited, magic link and magic spirit fit right in with my Cresendo team which is part purple for a magic bonus and also has a +2 magic perk and it was a good means to speed grind for souls pre Mab as the soul gain is buffed by VIP and armor multipliers and I was able to finish most games in under 90 seconds and net 60-90 souls in the process (I didn’t have a viable Valkyrie team at the time and the few I did build were crazy slow and would lose to randomness more often then I would like)

It stinks because it’s an amazing soul grinder in loop teams early on but most players can’t trait him till mid-late game