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Can we please rethink the class gem barrier?

I have now had multiple occasions wherein I’ve wanted to use a variety of hero classes in a variety of teams, only to sigh as I can’t concurrently play two or three different classes without what feels to me to be an arbitrary “cooling off” period. This is not fun gameplay; if the intent was for me to try to “identify” with a class, I instead feel shackled. I respectfully request the class restriction be removed, or else incorporated in such a way as to allow for several on several teams. How does everyone else feel about the way things are currently set up?


Honestly I can’t stand it and it prevents me from using the hero.

I agree it’s a tad restrictive, especially at lower levels when you’re still collecting the weapons. I have Archer maxed and the bow, and that team worked great for me, but I wanted to level some of the other classes and try them out and get their weapons, but in changing I lost A LOT of power from my hero’s attack. (specifically the increase to damage with green weapons) While the bow is still nice, it’s not where near as effective on Necro because it’s not a purple weapon.

This hurts most for PVP where it is based on your Hero level, not your class level, so when you change class you take a hit to effectiveness, but still face the same kinds of opponents.

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I think the Gem Barrier should had been removed.

I’ve found a solution that works for me. I’ve deleted all teams that contain a hero, all that micro management just wasn’t worth the extra benefit. Looking forward to the patch that redesigns the hero system to make heroes feel welcome again.

I hate it too. I said this the first week of it. I have spent anywhere from 400-600 gems on class switching so far.

They don’t want to remove it to make sure people stick with one class, yet their own data shows that most people stick with one class (1/3 have no class, another 1/3 have Warlord). The easiest way to fix the “not problem” is to add some kind of incentive to sticking with one class, so people would rarely switch even if the option was available for free.


Or the simplest suggestion I remember - remove the cap once you hit a certain point. Either level 100 or 200, or merely unlocking all existing classes, or something equally easy.

Honestly though, people starting out are going to want to experiment anyway, so even something as ‘easy’ as anything I just said will still be restrictive to someone with less resources (although the barrier to unlocking the kingdoms to get the other classes is reasonably high anyhow).

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Or, y’know, just remove the damn gem thing. Lets go with that.


How about “Once you unlock the weapon you can switch to that class for free at any time.”

You’ve proven your dedication to the class with 250+ wins, so it should be easy to assume that mantle.


I like this solution.

Just like Tacet, I was one of the firsts against the gem fee.

Historically, something like, one year ago maybe, we could only have one deck. Then they made it possible to have 2 deck (one for offense, one for defense). Back then, when we equiped the hero with a weapon, he would have the same weapon in both decks, wich wasn’t flexible. So, later on, they made the hero able to carry different weapons in different teams.

Why can’t we do that with classes? There are 2 main reasons :
First reason : Role play reason - Devs want us to feel like we are playing the hero with that class. It’s not something we can change on a whim, just the same way you won’t change jobs on a whim in real life.
Second reason : Coding issues - Currently, to get victories on a class, you don’t have to play it, so, if you have different classes per deck, wich one is getting wins?

And guess what’s really messed up with these 2 reasons? The first one is voided as most of us just don’t play our class : we just swap class every 250 victories with our hero not even taking part in our battles. So, to make us really feel like we are playing a class, the best solution would have been to oblige us to actually play the hero with that class. And, guess what? Doing so would solve the second issue !

Now, I said these were the 2 main reasons, but there is another one I didn’t consider here : gems are a premium currency, so forcing us to use them is good for business, but, as I don’t know how much people use money to buy these gems to swap class, I can’t really evaluate how important is that reason.


Hmm I agree with the first reason, role play (in a very broad sense) is most likely a reason for the current barrier. Though I feel like there might be some better ways to enforce it than the gem barrier (discounting business model reasoning).

My disagreement with the role play argument is that the classes are essentially all the same, albeit with different colours as their main. Especially the 6 “pure” colour classes. The Perks section does help this a little bit, but generally the play style of the hero is dictated by their weapon, rather than the class itself. (eg Bow is a sniping of choice targets style, Axe is an “AXE TO FACE!” style) And people very regularly use weapons that are not in their classes colours, meaning they’re not really playing their class even if they are using their hero.

Forcing people to play the hero in their decks could work, but it would shake up the whole (im)balance of the game as many people, as you said, don’t play their hero in their normal decks. Another option might be to have the hero provide a passive buff based on their class. (Similar to how cities do) Maybe to magic for magic class (Sorc, Necro etc) Attack for offensive (Warlord) etc.

Personally one thing I’d like to see more unique traits for heroes. Currently only the third trait for a class is different from anything you can find on a normal card. And, especially for lower level players, this doesn’t get unlocked for a while, and sometimes isn’t worth the stones to unlock the previous two traits to get to the third one. It would be nice to see some variety at the lower traits for the hero making them more appealing to put into your team.

Apologies for the slightly rambling nature of this post, I need sleep ><

I totally agree. You should have to play the class in a team to get wins, IMO, and your solution makes sense.

I did consider the monetary aspect, but frankly, I don’t think they intended it to be a moneymaker. The whole system just sounds like it’s set up the way it is because of the technical constraints, and they threw the gem and time-constraint barrier on top of it just to avoid players abusing the system.

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The gem economy argument doesn’t really work very well because I feel certain that people will either wait till they have a free conversion, or just not use the hero classes.

There have been many times I’ve thought of a cool team but then just scrapped the idea because of the cost associated with switching the hero class, and dropped the hero. It’s happened do often in fact that I pretty much just ignore the hero altogether.

Lowering the cost to 10-20 gems might help, I know I would use threthe hero more if that were the case.

Other options to make it more enticing, have all perks active per hero instead of selecting one. Having to select a single perk instantly cooled my interest in the hero as a viable troop.


I wait for free conversion, can not justify the gem cost and think it shouldn’t be there.

all in favor of its complete removal. no cost at all or at minimum a major reduction to cost

This must be a mobile/pc thing right?

I have used two classes total. I dislike the idea of not being able to access my Sorceror with Magic Link if I happen to want to use a team he’s in. So no, swapping for an entire five or seven days doesn’t appeal.

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Indeed my friend.

Sounds horrible but then again I do not think I have used my hero past level 10. The hero seems so weak vs other cards.

Hero classes have addressed the “weakness” problem. With a hero in an appropriate class with an appropriate weapon, the troop can definitely compete with other troops. The problem is, other troops can be freely swapped in and out, so if (say) Jarl is a better fit for a team than Sheggra, I can pop out Sheggra and pop in Jarl. Hero classes force you to specialize, and lock you into that specialization for several days to the general detriment of a game that otherwise lets you be as flexible as you like with the content you’ve unlocked.

In short, classes are as expensive as legendary troops to level and trait, without providing the flexibility of said legendary troops.