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Classes and multiple teams

Hello all! When setting up different teams, does the class on all the teams change if you change? For instance, can I have a sorcerer on my PvP defense team, but play a different class as I explore? I want to get my 250-win bonuses for other classes and also set up different teams, but I’m not sure if I can dictate different classes for my main character. I feel like I am going to cripple my PvP team if I change to level other classes. Thanks in advance!

No unfortunately:s

Your Hero may only have a single class. All teams will reflect that class. This is a QoL improvement that the community has been asking for, for quite some time.

Again with the nerf to LTs and gem reductions, I think it is more than appropriate to allow each team slot a unique Hero Class.


Yes, this is a bit awkward when you want to use different hero classes for different purposes. My suggestion would be to focus on PVP early in the week with your preferred class until you reach Tier 1 (or whatever objective you set for yourself), then take a couple days later in the week where you focus on explore battles with the class that you want to get your 250 wins on. This will let you make some progress every week, though you don’t have total flexibility each day. Once you can get all your classes the 250 wins, you can relax and let your hero do his thing (at least until the next class is introduced).

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Thanks guys, I appreciate all the noobie help everyone provides. I’ll likely be following the suggestion to PvP at the start of the week and explore the latter half. Inconvenient, but still a rock solid game.

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