Does Honors +10 bonus apply to DEFENSE as well? (ANSWERED)

I have just fully traited Honor and was wondering if his 3rd trait activated during Defense battles, since that is technically a PvP battle.

I cannot invade myself, SO… if you happen to fight me, could you please let me know if it activates, I would appreciate it! My in game name is the same, efh313.

THANKS! :wink:

Thanks for the heads up. If I ever see you in PvP, I’ll make sure to bring an empowered Manticore and stun your precious Honor before its traits get to activate. :imp:

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Not cool… :wink:

Fortunately since its pumps before the game begins, your silly Manticore can’t do a thing about it!

I was kidding, of course. I’m unlikely to notice who I’m facing before the battle, much less change my team for it. If I see your team (or any other traited Honor), I’d be happy to share the results.

But, in case you didn’t know, you can cast empowered troops right after their traits activate, so it’s possible before the enemy gets their traits.
A common example is you cast Dust Devil right away, knocking a troop with Leader to the back, in which case it never gets the Leader bonus. Reference:

You can cast untargeted Empowered troops early (Dust Devil, Mercy) but the game will block at the target selection phase for other Empowered troops.


I think you can do a test battle with your team (under guild roster menu I think) and you can see if Honor activates.

That is only true for spells that target the board. There is no problem casting early when the spell targets an enemy troop. I even checked just to make sure.

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Thanks for the correction. I admit I was thinking Soothsayer when I posted that.

actually you can… you click on your image in the top right and there is an option for fight :slight_smile:


To be clear:
I know I can fight myself, I did not think that it would register in the game as a PvP battle and since Honor’s trait specifically denotes PvP, that is why I have not tried it.

Just tried it AND… his third trait DOES activate!

SO what have we learned:

  1. Honor’s 3rd trait is confirmed to activate on PvP defense.
  2. Fighting yourself counts, at least for traits, as a PvP battle, wonder if that counts for seals too… :wink:

Doesn’t count as a PVP battle, thankfully.

For “any battle” should count IMO. The other bonus is for ranked PvP, so definitely should not.