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Loyalty text is wrong?

I finally traited Loyalty and her third trait says all allys gain 2 to life and armor when an ally cast a spell

here you can see first turn and second turn after a Hellcat cast 3 hp an 3 armor to all allys instead of 2.

GemsOfWar 2017-11-02 19-31-39-94GemsOfWar 2017-11-02 19-32-05-00


Huh, you’re right. Just checked and she indeed says +2 armor and life , while giving +3 to each.

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Just to show how under used she is, that she is bugged or something and maybe im the only one to notice that. Perhaps this dates from when Courage was nerfed?

3 is intended.

She got buffed a few months back to 3, but the text didn’t change.


Thanks for the info :smiley:

Loyalty works well in that team?

Well yes, Mercy was a one trick pony, then i tried a kraken and Loyalty is good enough, 7 armor for gard for each cast. The real problem is the meta that targets bottom troops and the perma Mab in al teams.


Ok might try it, seeing as I crafted Gard’s last week and have been looking for teams other than Mercy/Alch/Cat.

Got any other teams with him?

I slotted him behind the dark/rock Troll Infernus combo but Elemaugrim seems still better in that team due to the looping potential :wink:


Yeah that’s a nice one, I actually switched out Khorvash for Templar for the Honor/Templar/Apoc loop plus even more armour :grin:

Khorvash stuns, boosting honor’s buff to armor.

I use Gard’s Avatar on my standard PVP team. Though my winrate of over 95% has dropped to 85% since the meta moved torwards forest troll/kraken

Gard’s Avatar

abyssal banner

It’s not good against the current meta, but from a while I used:

Gards avatar

Infernus is the star of the show, but unless you’re playing against kraken or dragons you can usually get a good cast of Gard to finish the team off after Infernus has softened them up.

An alternative would be bogstrider & hellcat instead of gorgotha and mercy.