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How do you add more treasure maps?

I just read that y’all reworked treasure hunt so you can pile up more maps for better odds or items, but I still just wind up right in the old treasure hunt. What am I missing?

There was no Treasure Hunt rework.


OP has been terribly misinformed.


Possibly in the 5.3 Patch Notes? I’m afraid that these changes never happened (and hopefully never will).


Ok well thank you guys.

You don’t like the idea? I had thought it sounded a little fun. But yeah that’s where I read it, I couldn’t remember where

The idea to spend extra treasure maps for more rewards has been around for years, the community keeps bringing it up again about every other month. However, I’m pretty sure paying 10000 treasure maps to get 4 extra turns is definitely not what the community has in mind. The really hilarious part is that it’s both utterly ridiculously overpriced and still something just barely in line with other weird design choices we’ve seen in the past, so those joke patch notes don’t stand out as joke patch notes right away.