Do we really need more treasure maps from the new battlecrasher?

I have thousands of maps. Are they making a change soon I don’t know about? Why do I need more?

Edit - Don’t get me wrong. I’d totally love for them to be viable. But the current way to get the most value out of a map per time spent is not fun or engaging.

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Basically they wanted a battle crasher this week to break up the flow of PvP. But… didn’t want to get tangible rewards with it. So we got treasure maps.

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To be very short …. NO!

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Nope, absolutely not. It’s a unrewarding waste of time that kills efficiency (which makes no sense that you can earn guild seals doing it)

I need more treasure maps. My hero isn’t done wallpapering her mansion yet.


Please. I’m making a planet out of mine.


Mora more more


I guess if anyone still needs that Treasure Map achievement, this is an easy way to restock and try again…

Yes! Only if I can fit them together for a 1:1 scale map of the solar system will I be able to locate the treasure!

If you get enough treasure maps the counter in their databases might overflow. The consequences of that are unpredictable but it could lead to infinite resources. It’s not a guarantee, but I’m on a slow march to find out what happens.


Here’s to hoping there’s some future change to treasure maps that makes them not a wasted resource for end-game players.

Like let me spend 5 maps at a time so the rewards are 5x what they normally are. Seems like a quick/easy way to add value to the mode.

I think the bigger concern is that they know we all have thousands upon thousands of maps in the bank…so if they allow us to use them to get rewards in any more meaningful way it’ll blow up the balance of the existing economy.


The only way I see them solving this issue is having a one-time map buyback, where people who have maps get fixed rewards. I don’t see it happening, but it would be one way to change the map game without breaking the economy.

I think they just chose treasure maps for the pirate theme, but I agree. I lost the last reason to use treasure maps when the adventure board came in.

Most battlecrasher rewards are of little value, and this is no exception. Treasure maps are great for low level players, but soon become obsolete.

I’d like to get another option for using treasure maps, possibly just selling them for other resources such as gold or gems, which wouldn’t be game-breaking… on that note, could we have that option for other (possibly all) items in the game? I have a few Orbs of Growth and minor traitstones that I have no use for.

The exchange rate doesn’t have to be generous, but please make it better than the ridiculously low amounts of souls gained from disenchanting troops.

BTW, now that troops can be crafted, wouldn’t it make more sense to disenchant troops into diamonds or shards? That really would be useful.

If my stash of maps ever fell on anyone God help them.

Treasure maps are useless. Why not make the reward something useful like gold or gems? Most players have a mountain of maps already. This kind of event is just a buzzkill and makes the game uber boring.

Do we really need the battlecrasher at all? It’s annoying.

They never replace treasure gnome, only replace gnome in enemy team

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Gnomes always take priority over a battlecrasher. They probably replaced a “fake gnome” that someone had put on their team, not the random ones that show up.

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Yes thanks, the light came on after I posted that!:bulb: