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5.3 Update (Patch Notes)

Treasure Hunt Rework

You can now pay multiple Treasure Maps as entrance fee to boost your Treasure Hunt:

  • 10 maps for 1 extra turn.
  • 100 maps for 2 extra turns.
  • 1000 maps for 3 extra turns.
  • 10000 maps for 4 extra turns.

We’ve improved the rewards to provide resources better suited for player progression:

  • Gem Keys have been replaced with Chaos Shards.
  • Gems have been replaced with Ingots.

Arena Update

  • We’ve removed the daily offer at the end of Arena runs, winning at least 3 battles will instead reset the cooldown timer for Rewarded Adds.
  • Entrance fee changed from 1000 gold to 20 gems to prevent players from abusing team rerolling. It’s your own fault, we trusted you to use it reasonably, you kept exploiting it.

World Event Update

  • Scoring rules now change every time a player collects tributes.

Guild Wars Update

  • Starting at VIP 10 you now receive a Flash Offer every time you lose a battle, allowing you to replay that battle for $1.99.

Game Mechanic Changes

  • Vault Keys had a lower chance to turn into Epic Vault Keys during Vault Events. To address the issue, Gnomes will no longer drop Vault Keys at all. Instead, you are now guaranteed an Epic Vault Key for every 50 keys obtained from the Gnome Tracker during Vault Events.
  • Extra turns now stack, we’ve added a counter at the bottom of the board to show the remaining number of consecutive turns.

Troop Balance Changes

  • Phoenicia now deals [Magic + 1] damage to all Red enemies, boosted by Red Gems and Burning enemies.
  • Egg Thief now destroys [(Magic / 2) + 1] random Gems, boosted by allied Dragon Eggs [3:1].
  • Thrall now destroys 2 Gems and takes [Magic + 4] damage.
  • Kurandara now transforms into Enraged Kurandara when receiving the Enrage effect.
  • Enraged Kurandara now transforms into Kurandara when losing the Enrage effect.
  • All Goblin spells now gain 1 extra turn, boosted by allied Goblins [1:1].

Bug Fixes

  • Talents that increase gold/soul gain no longer increase post-battle rewards if the troop with those talents didn’t survive the battle.
  • Doomed weapons can no longer be used outside of Tower of Doom events.
  • Spell descriptions have been reworked to use uniform wording, they now all read “Something random happens”.

Forum Update

  • We’ve removed the Feedback section, it contained too much negativity towards the game.
  • We’ve removed the Bug Report section, it contained too much negativity towards the game.

[Disclaimer: May contain traces of exaggeration, any resemblance to existing games is purely coincidental]


Omg dude, you had me going for a second there. I was like, is it april fools or fri the 13th or something?!
Thanks for the laugh. :grrr grumble grrr: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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This feels like poking a sleeping dragon.


Had me going for a minute. I was thinking it was true until the arena entrance fee. LOL

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You forgot:
Class changes:

  • hero will now gain class exp, only if using weapon from their respective kingdom
  • talent trees were cut down to lvl 40 talents as talents from lvl 70 and 100 created an imbalance in competitive play


  • killing mythic-boss and opening their chests will now gain you exhaustion equal to difficulty level of explore (so 1 point for difficulty 1, 12 points for difficulty 12)
  • exhaustion will reduce the ammount of mythstones gained by level of exhaustion (f.e 10 points in exhaustion will result in -10% mythstones gained, up to 99% reduction with exhaustion of level 100 and above)
    -exhaustion will decay 10 points/hour and 100 points at daily reset
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I’m strangely not against this.

This sounds familiar. Casual PvP “exploit”, I think it was. Even though I never played Casual, I felt offended.

Nicely done.


Great post. Far more fun than the game itself. Top job.

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I have to wonder though… in GW Bracket 1, how many players would pay $1.99 to replay a lost battle and potentially change a guild loss for a day into a win, given how close scores tend to be in upper-tier GW brackets?

Very competitive players would probably do that a lot more than they would care to admit doing publicly, especially if they have already purchased enough things in the game to reach VIP 10 already. :grimacing:


Very competitive players would even pay for being able to replay a battle won with somewhat less than perfect score. :smile:


Pay to win.
They still came to this principle.

Just in case this isn’t entirely clear, those are just joke patch notes. I wouldn’t want anyone to quit thinking they are real. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


you scared everyone)) but maybe this will become an instruction on how not to do it)

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You worded your post a little too well grammatically to be official. :laughing:

I scared a couple of guildmates for sure.

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Or may be a guide to what’s next to be done.

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Missing from your list:

“We’ve listened to the community, and have decided to update Doomed Blade and Doomed Club. Club’s carved is now watery, and Blade’s watery is now carved. You’re welcome.”

Mmm, Salty.


Very nice update. Need more options 0.05$ if lost in pvp and 0.20$ more chance on 2% drop Nysha from explore lvl 99. Waiting good news from DEVs


Best new feature ever. I assume this means it changes the global scoring whenever any player collects tribute, but I love that the ambiguity means we just don’t know for sure and might not ever!


Well… I have the impression such feature already exists. Every time any player collects tribute, RNG makes up new rules for the next world event. When the world event starts, they just apply the last RNG rolled rules to be the rules for that week and post it on the forums.

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