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5.0 Patch Notes Sneak Preview! (humor warning)

Quality of life issues are the focus of 5.0. We have been watching the forums and taking notes!


* There will now be different medal sets for Explore mode,  guild event, delves, PVP,  pvp defense, and "other". This will greatly reduce the need to change medal sets between switching game modes.
  • It will now be possible to combine any 3 of the same medal into the next highest quality medal. e.g. you may convert 3 Aranaeas into a anu medal or 3 medals of Gaard into a medal of Yasmine.

  • When a medal upgrade fails, it will increase the chance of the next attempt. (e.g. if your medals had a 30% of success, the same medals would give you a 60% chance next time).

  • Troop types adjusted to remove “useless” upgrades. (e.g. tesla gaining magic even though she her attack doesn’t scale with magic)

Explore Mode

  • New option “Expert Explorer” - Rewards will be automatically added to your medal totals without needing extra clicks. Prompts when you encounter a mini boss or mythic boss will be automatically skipped.

  • Explore mode will no longer prompt you to change difficulty after each explore run.

  • 2 New difficulty levels have been added


  • Many weapons have been rebalanced to ensure that upgrades always improve their effectiveness.

  • Essence of evil. Updated to inflict transform before status effects are applied

  • Doomed club. Now creates a doomskull instead of brown gem, to prevent a 4 match from being blocked

  • Dawnbringer. Bonus damage from yellow allies and enemies now scales with stats.

  • All weapons of legendary and lower quality who had upgrades that removed, destroyed or created gems now grant team mana instead.

  • Most Legendary weapons that hit a single target have had their damage doubled.


  • Gold gained from Ranked PVP will now be based on enemy team score. Attackers team score will no longer reduce this amount. Bonus gold will be added based on glory trophies and rank gained per fight.

  • Blacklist. Replacing “refresh” in ranked mode only. For 1 gem, blacklisted opponents will no longer appear for 24 hours.

  • Difficulty rating added for ranked pvp. Higher difficulty levels add increasing “potion style” status effects to enemies. Additional glory and class experience will be granted for playing at higher difficulties.


  • Honor system has been rebalanced. Players will grant honor points based on their Player level, faction renown, and honor level. Honor granted will no longer be penalized based on guild affiliation or if you honored that player previously.

  • Players will now be informed immediately upon receipt of honor if possible.

  • It will no longer be possible to honor players that are already revered.


  • When disenchanting mythics, 1000 Diamonds will now be granted instead of souls for all mythic troops that can be drawn with gem keys.

  • One quarter of all mythics will be craftable in the soulforge in a 4 week rotation, allowing any mythic to be crafted in a given month.

  • Once a player obtains 4 copies of a mythic, it can no longer be drawn in gem, glory, guild or vip chests. Another random mythic from the troop pool will be drawn instead.


  • New underworld medal. Adds stats and bonuses for your troops based on your Total Faction Renown. (This will always be active in a new delve specific medal slot)

  • All stats on your delve team are increased by 25% per troop used from that delve. (Does not have to be unique).

Treasure maps.

New mode - Epic Treasure Hunt. Identical to treasure hunt but costs 100 treasure maps and grants 10x the normal rewards. However It can only be played 3 times per week.

Pet Rescues

  • Will now be possible concurrently with weekly pet events.

  • Players that vanquish pet gnomes will be able to choose from 3 different pet events to start. One of these will always be a pet the player has not upgraded to level 20 (if possible).

Daily deals.

  • Gem costs have been dramatically reduced. Player inventory will be considered when selecting available offers(e.g. game will not offer any item you have thousands of already). Deed, writ, and imperial deeds will always be offered once per week.

Adventure board.

  • Deed frequency increased. Imperial deed adventures will always be offered once per week.

New Weekly Event

The Gauntlet

Similar to delves, but with much larger levels. Players will explore a dungeon with increasingly difficult encounters and better rewards, however all of your hero and troops’ stats, buffs, and debuffs will carry over from battle to battle. Once your team is vanquished, or a gauntlet is completed, you must spend a sigil to respawn or continue. 1 sigil will be given per day + 1 per tier purchased in the gacha shop.

  • Trap rooms. These dangerous rooms range from having high risk/reward boss encounters versions to simply killing members of your team. Trap rooms will be the same for all players in their guild. It us up to each individual guild to decide how to handle these rooms. It will always be possible to bypass these to get to the exit, but you may have to take a much longer route.

  • Buff rooms. Off the beaten path, these rooms will restore your party to full health and remove all negative status effects as well as grant them Gauntlet specific buffs and stat increases. They will be essential for lower level players.

  • Shoots and ladders. As well as being able to crawl deeper into a dungeon, you will have the option to backpedal to get something you missed or need. You will not need an additional sigil to get back to a level you’ve already visited.

  • Armory. Each gauntlet event will have special rooms that contain hero weapons that haven’t otherwise been available for months or even years, to complete a newer player’s collection

  • Each room in a Gauntlet will have a unique number for easy reference.

…or so I wish =)


Instead prevents a 4-match by spawning now-green over a skull/doomskull.


:stuck_out_tongue: :metal: :vulcan_salute:


Yeah, the affixes happen after the main spell effect, so it wouldn’t work the way you wanted, I don’t think.

Same for EoE, actually and probably other things mentioned.

Aside from that (and the other small things), love the theme of it – I had honestly been thinking about doing something similar myself!! Like an alternate timeline for GoW :joy:.

Per @AMT, maybe consider adding a “Show your support by buying us a cookie!” option in the Shop for anyone that wants to show they appreciate the update (or anything else).


When does the update come officially because we want to finally know what it looks like someone can give me info

Amazing! I can’t wait for this update. I had a terrible nightmare that 5.0 was going to be full of boring BS that no one asked for and would be intended to nickel and dime the end game players and make it near impossible for new players to catch up and really add nothing of real substance despite being one of the most major updates in the game’s history. I’m glad I came here and saw the real patch notes before jumping ship.


Why the need of a choice, then?

For the rare occasion when someone with maxxed pets still wants to choose what most of his/her guildies need :man_shrugging:

If you’re not that advanced yet you get a chance to advance one kingdom (or resource/troop type) a bit faster than completely having to rely on chance.

Then, rename the game to Gems Of Fun.

Just another cash-grab patch, shameful. And why are no balance changes coming, y’all too busy trying to get people to spend money you can’t do something about 80% of the troops in game being completely useless?

The actual “best thread on the forums right now”


I very much wish this alternate patch was happening. :no_mouth:

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Next patch is balance changes, isn’t that right, @Sossitch?

Update is on ps4, still no patch notes. But I prefer this notes.

Fixed. Thank you for catching that before release tonight! :heart: :heart: :heart: