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(Fake News) Changes to the Guild Activity Log

Tbh, I think all future feature requests should be in the fake news format :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (credit to @Sossitch’s 5.0 Patch Notes Sneak Preview! (humor warning)). That way you can gauge how excited you would be if this thing we’re to be in the game.

This is just a small one – thanks to player feedback, the Guild Activity Log has been improved and streamlined!


  • The ‘Admin’ filter was found to be unnecessarily clogged with notifications unrelated to Guild Admin:

  • We’ve added sub-filters for narrowing results, making it easier to find the data you’re looking for – i.e. clicking on ‘Event’ will create a second drop-down menu box below the first, with options for ‘All’, ‘PvP’, and each of the Guild Event types.

  • Upon reaching the bottom of the entries, there will be a down arrow with similar functionality to the ‘Get More Entries’ button in the top-left. Clicking on either of these will no longer return you to the top of the lost, but continue from where you left off.

  • It now comes with the ability to export results in both Excel (.csv) and PDF formats (including the Roster!)!! GMs rejoice!

    • Make sure to check out the Guild Weekly Summary print-out – it includes your Guild’s custom backdrop and Shield, and looks amazing!!

      • Includes Guild Level and Statue Levels, Tasks completed that week, Total Seals collected and Guild Chest Level reached, position in the League, and of course, the full Guild Roster with weekly and total contributions, equipped Class and Pet, and any VIP purchases – and all on one page!

      • Check-boxes to include red highlights for unmet requirements or not, as well as each of the above aspects of the weekly summary – include as little or as much as you like!

We hope you enjoy this change, and please let us know if you have any feedback for how this could be further improved (unlikely!).


Off-topic question: If “Pushcart Driver” is a promotion, what is the entry level rank? Or is Pushcart Driver the top rank…so curious.

I would like a filter for this screen. Well played.

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:laughing: Lucky Egg is the entry-level rank – Pushcart Driver is next up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.



Extra ‘l’ to match my extra ‘p’

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