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5.5 Update (Patch Notes)


  • We have introduced new kinds of Gems. Heroic Gems are Gems that have special abilities which activate when they are either matched, destroyed or a set condition is met.

  • Heroic Gems will only appear as a random spawn in battle games for a limited time as part of Campaigns or Special Heroic Gem Events. However, there may be troops and weapons that will create these Gems as part of their spell.

    • They will appear in all battle game modes such as PvP, Explore, World Events, Raid Boss, and Guild Wars.
  • We will be able to run multiple Special Heroic Gem Events at once too, so players may experience different combinations of Gems from time to time.

  • When 5.5 releases we will only have 1 new Heroic Gem active for players to enjoy, the Uber Doomskull, a more powerful version of the Doomskull.

  • The other Heroic Gems will be introduced and explained with the Campaign or event that they will be part of. We anticipate many new Heroic Gems releasing over time!

We have made some changes to Campaign Tasks to reduce some of the friction in completing certain tasks.

  • We have changed the ‘x’ button on a Task to be an arrow so it is easier for players to see.

  • This new button will bring up a new popup menu where “Skip Task” and “Do Task” options will be available.

  • A new Task option will also be available on this menu: Reroll Task.

  • Reroll Task will allow players to reroll a Task to another task to complete instead.

  • Each Campaign Task can be rerolled once.

  • Once a task is rerolled, the player must complete or skip the new task. The new task cannot be rerolled.

    • E.g. Bob the Barbarian rerolls a Gold Task requiring him to use a Weapon Type, and gets a new task to Win Ranked PVP battles. He cannot reroll this new task, and must complete it or spend Gems to skip it.

Doomed Weapons
The Doomed Blade, Doomed Crossbow, Doomed Club and Doomed Cauldron have all had their affixes that created a Gem changed to a new affix that debuffs the Enemy.

Legendary Traits Text Improvement
We have improved the text for all Legendary Traits that give Mana to Allies at the start of battle.

  • Dooooooom! – Match 50 Uber Doomskull Gems

  • They See Me Re-Rollin’ – Reroll a Campaign Task

  • Lycan Subscribe – Match 100 Lycanthropy Gems

  • We have improved the Elite+ Pass Campaign Rewards for over 1000+ Stars. This will appear in the next Campaign (starting May 24th).

  • We’ve added visual feedback when clicking on tab buttons on our screens (the 4-6 white text buttons on the tab bar that runs across the top of the screen in many places). This is to give feedback that input has been received by the game to players who may be running on slow connections.

  • We have fixed an issue where the game would soft lock if Death Mark and Lycanthropy trigger at the same time. As part of this fix, Essence of Evil has been altered back to its original form where it inflicts Lycanthropy on the target.

  • We have fixed an issue where some players were getting stuck on the Warband tutorial. It took them to the shop, but there was no Warband shop tab to access.

  • We have also fixed an assortment of smaller issues.

This update will be available on Steam, iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation AND NINTENDO SWITCH.

If you are a Nintendo Switch player please be aware that you will be getting 5.5 + 5.4, and you can find the 5.4 patch notes here.


There was absolutely nothing wrong with this affix.


Gar’Nok called, said something about “Hoomans too stoopid to get schtuff right”.


Lycantrophy on Hero still freezing the game. Bug report incoming soon.


Essence of evil cast on the enemy hero still causes crashes.


It feels more like a nerf.
@Saltypatra Is there any chance we get the original affix back for Crossbow? No player asked this affix to be fixed. I am very surprised to see this change.


Doomed Blade and Doomed Club are the only two Doomed weapons that needed fixed. I absolutely agree with @awryan and @orangeink that Doomed Crossbow should have been left alone.


I downloaded the new patch but my CLIFFY error still hasn’t went away that’s been preventing me from playing. It’s been almost a week and they haven’t fixed it or updated me when it can be fixed, and I spent over 200 on the game.

On the bright side about Lycanthropy crashes still not being fixed. At least they didn’t make the issue worse by making Lycanthropy more prevalent than before or anything. :roll_eyes:

Devs, how many signs do you need that the Mechanic is a horrible idea?
Maybe the solution to fixing the bug is to make it work like all other transforms and divide the targets level by half and remove all traits after the transform.

It’s not the code that’s broken. It’s your design. 🤷


I like this addition. But seriously, wouldn’t it have been easier to just get rid of the multi-day tasks? Because they are probably the only ones players will reroll.

I have no idea why you changed Doomed Crossbow or Doomed Cauldron??? Multiple times you were shown it was Blade and Club that needed fixing???

This better not include new exclusive troops or it could be the final straw for me and many others.

Seriously, why couldn’t this have been left out of EoE for good? LYCANTHROPY IS NOT A DEBUFF!!!


Exactly what everybody above says - why did you nerf Doomed Crossbow?

All people really were asking for was to make respective Doomed Blade/Doomed Club affixes (create blue/brown) gem exactly like original Doomed Crossbow affix (create a doomskull).
You’ve changed the two in question, it’s not ideal but better than nothing so thanks for that, but nobody ever asked to touch the Crossbow. Now it’s the same feeling as when you changed Sunspear’s third trait not understanding what players were saying and wishing for, only I doubt that this time we’ll get it reversed no matter the outcry.

P.S. Lycanthropy must be removed from negative status effects pool!


Uber Doomskulls are active and seem quite common at the moment: I’ve gotten a couple of them in most of my faction assault battles so far.

Well, it could be both.

If the design called for this specific transform to act differently from the others, it’s possible the programmer just copied the code from the others but made some changes. It could be crashing on a specific call… my guess is something to do with level. If it’s just crashing when the hero is hit, maybe an out-of-range error (level > 20)?

Thank you for the reroll on campaign tasks. I rerolled the adventure board task and it gave me a kill brown enemies task. This is very doable . No longer will I feel the need to stop playing for a day if I couldn’t finish a task til the next day. This will be very helpful for newer players or players low on gems that still want to play campaign.
Thank u devs :hugs:


We’ve removed Lycanthropy from Essence of Evil again until we can release the hot fix for the Lycanthropy freeze bug that has reappeared on 5.5.


Why bring it back at all? Isn’t it best to keep players happy? I haven’t seen a single player yet upset it was removed or any player who wants it back. If nobody likes it and it doesn’t cost you guys anyting to leave it off then why force it down our throats? Happy players spend more.


Please for the love of all things gems, leave lycanthropy off of essence of evil.

It’s bad enough as is, every player commenting here and also those who don’t hate it.

We forum goers aren’t the outliers.

No one likes lycanthropy besides of whoever came up with it.

Can’t the devs at least give us that and leave it off of essence of evil? Compromise?


That is new, right?


I’m still on 5.4 for now, and I have that recipe also. That’s gonna be frustrating to get, given how difficult it is to get non-Cedric legendaries from the Vault.

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