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Treasure maps giving only 8 moves

Hi, When I choose to play a treasure map, it says that I will be given 15 turns. Once I click on “use a map” i get to play but I’m given only 8 moves.

Happens everytime I play a treasure map, and happens on Steam (Win10 x64) and Android 6.0 on an HTC M9

I attach a screenshot of android with no moves done and counting only 8 moves left. Sorry for the quality, but the game doesn’t show properly on my Android (don’t know why)

Treasure maps were changed in 1.0.9 to give more rewards, but less turns. This was done to increase the speed of people who have a lot of maps while still keeping the rewards high. They may have left some text in the game that still says 15 in areas it should say 8.

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even though it is now at 8 did you play the map or quit out?

Thanks Tacet, didn’t know that. I thought my game was crazy! I played it with eight moves anyway killerman3333.

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do you like the new 15 moves = trait stone of any rarity?

Yeah, I find it a good way to reward doing good matches (4 or 5 gems) to keep on playing.

Sounds like they just need to update some text that they missed.

Hmm it’s fine on mine HTC M7, maybe if I add +2 to phone ranking I’ll get extra moves on treasure maps :thinking:
Don’t mind me I’m bored :upside_down:

They changed a bit more, the rewards are more random than before (do over 50 turns you’ll get less glory than you would if you did 20-30 turns), the game’s board use to give GOOD advice but now it feels way more beneficial to ignore its advice (unless if there’s a 4-5 match available), and at least they killed the “extra turn” thing when you don’t actually get an extra turn after the first in one turn.