How can I get people to invade me?

i got a task to win 5 revenges which would give me 500 souls which i really need i played a bunch of pvp matches today but no one has invaded me yet and it kind of sucks because the task is in the top slot so its going to disappear if i dont do it

Set your defend team to 4 useless troops.


Put up a welcome sign and make cookies.

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tight mini skirt usually does the trick


not when you have backhair lol
sorry couldn’t help myself


thanks for the tip i just threw together a group of peasants hopefully people invade me now

I just attacked a group of peasants earlier today :astonished:
Was that you?

The best way to get defends is to not touch your tribute and be active on pvp. Which is not worth it because glory.

Mr @stabito
the best way to get INVADED is to re-elect G W BUSH
political humor

As michael jackson said…
gotta be startin somtin’’



The best way to get invade is to speak french as no one likes the french :smiley:

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Frazing on the title omg.

Wait, why not touch your tributes?

Voodoo and user bias maybe but tribute raiding is how the game spreads gold and it also makes you more valuable in terms of a reward offered. People will be more willing to take a swing at a higher level or harder lineup if there is more gold on the table.

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Not collecting tributes makes you worth more to invade, so playing multiple PvP matches before heading to sleep should reward you with 3 invasions the next morning.

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Also, some peeps avoid invading kingdoms where they don’t need the arcane stones (on the small chance one drops). Generally players get the mono-coloured arcane stones needed earlier (b/c less are needed). So you can consider avoiding whitehelm, Karakorh, Khaziel, FoT, Pridelands & Stormheim as your home kingdom.

Put up a normal team, it can still be strong, but try to make sure it’s something differently than what most run. Generally players loves to play against teams they doesnt see too often, mostly.

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This! I run an entangle team to be interesting!

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Even better than a group of peasant is just 1 peasant…

This thread show why this task MUST be removed from the game. This is a stupid and useless task that go totally against the spirit of this game which is to DEFEND YOUR KINGDOM THE BEST WAY YOU CAN! The only purpose of this task is to give a reason to the players to deliberately set up a weak squad in the hope to get invaded (I dont blame anybody for doing that, i do it too).

Tasks are a great thing, I love tasks but please, dear devs, remove this broken task.
You have so many great ideas, im sure you ll easily find another task to replace this one.
2 that comes to my mind:
“win X battles with all 4 troops still alive”
“win X battles with using only 2 troops”


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well even my worthless all peasant team wasnt enough to convince anyone to invade me

letting money build up a bit I think is the major factor. I invade only and everyone with high cash :slight_smile:

edit - I invaded a 4 peasant team yesterday but on pc so guessing wasn’t you