Thought you could only be invaded by 3 people at a time


I could be mistaken but thought you could only be invaded by 3 people at the most and no more until u did the revenges. Twice now I’ve had full revenge matches and been invaded by 4 more people. How am I suppose to revenge the gold back?


Any beyond the first three don’t actually take gold, so its fine. Any more than three being queued up for revenge matches would start to feel overwhelming if you ask me…


kinda is on my lower account when i started pvp i took it to rank 1 then did i think 42 revenges before i went and invaded with it again, lol. Still good to know i don’t lose gold beyond the 3 that are there.

Thank you


From what I have seen and experienced (on console) is that if you do not clear up your 3 defends in 24 hours, then they can be “overwritten” by others.


I’m on AND do defenses everyday so I know that shouldn’t be the problem in this instance. Never had noticed or seen it before and it literally happened twice the past couple of days.


Any number of attackers can invade you, but only the first 3 take your gold from kingdom gathering. Beyond those 3 player can still invade you, but you won’t be able to revenge until you clear your first 3 revenges (or at least 1 revenge). If you would stop to show up as a potential target after you had 3 invades on you it could lead to players not being able to find anyone to invade. All players could let others beat them with week defense 3 times and then never do revenge battles in order to never be attacked again. Besides you can attack the same player 3-4 times in a row (if it happens that you get him, and that does happen), it will only give him option to play 1 revenge against you.