Why i almost never get attacked in PVP, though weak defensive team?!

maybe a noobish question but i’m curious how PVP works:

Im at level 74 and play PVP up to rank1 at day one after the reset.
On the first day i get some attacks, but afterwards no attacks at all.
Sitting on 0 retaliations after the first 2 days in a new PVP event.
Changing the defensive team between crappy 1star rarity and my normal team does not affect this.
Why i am not getting attacked? Is there a maximum number of attacks or am i missing something?

You need to invade. The more you play PvP, the more likely you’re going to show up for other players. If you only play the first day, no one will ever attack you.It’s all bout activity.

I do invade regulary… not as much as on day one but still 2-5 invades a day… still almost no counter attacks. is is due to my relatively low level (74) ?

Normally it’s not. It might be that people don’t want to go against the team you set up, or you might just be unlucky. As a level 800+, I try to avoid as much as possible to invade anyone below a 100 (well, I’ve told myself to avoid battling players 300 and below, but I almost always forget to check my opponent’s level so I’m bad at it and keep doing it >_<). It’s possible other players do the same and skip you on principle.
I know that if I only invade once or twice per day, I never get any revenges. But if I do dozens of invades, I’ll get lots of them. Basically, you’re more likely to be “offered” to other players if you’ve been recently active, but I don’t think one invade or two are deemed enough. I know it doesn’t for me.

ok, thanks for the reply so far, but why avoiding low level players?
isnt it good to get attacked? especially for low level players, since they get some gold (regardless of loss or win) and eventually a cheap retaliation opportunity?
or do i lose something more than the laughable amount of gold?

I think the main reason being is that if a high level player has what they consider a decent defend team it may be too much to handle for a lower level player and a revenge loss can be frustrating. You lose gold from the invade and spend 50 gold to lose again :wink: plus it ties up one of your three revenge slots.

That’s exactly why, I just think it’s unfair. My current defense team has a lot of traits, all my kingdoms are maxed so every unit is buffed, and I just don’t feel it’d be nice of me to steal a low-level player’s money for them to be unable to get it back. If I invade a high level player, I know that it doesn’t matter whether they beat my team or not in revenge because 50 gold means nothing, but as a low-level players, 50 gold means the difference between finishing a quest or not. Or you know, I might be overthinking it. :stuck_out_tongue:

hm okay,
but its seems the current game design is flawed then? why do high level player then ever should put a strong defence team in? wouldn’t an easy to beat defence team be better? they can easily beat every invader and a retaliation is is cheaper and brings the same amount of gold.
btw, i think most players (also low level players) can beat almost every team pretty soon (about 2 weeks of daily play). there are some strong low-rarity teams possible like goblins e.g

This as been the subject of numerous threads, almost since the game came out.
the latest one is here: Defending with a strong teams : is it worth it?:

Yop, as Sammy said, this is a subject that comes up pretty often. For instance, I don’t put a weak defense team simply because I don’t like the idea that my kingdom should be open doors to the invaders. Plus I’m super annoying and always use one of the last line-ups people complain about. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t care if I get less defends.
I encourage you to check one of the numerous threads about the subjects, some of them even discuss tactics that can inspire you. :wink:

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thanks for enlightening me :slight_smile: