PvP -- Revenge: When does it end?

This is what I understand about PvP. When you invade, you steal some of another player’s uncollected gold. If that player has not logged in for a while, the payoff can be substantial. When someone else invades you, they steal some of your uncollected gold. They then show up as a revenge match and you can battle them to win your gold back.

My questions:

  1. It appears that some of my revenge rewards include gold that is beyond the stated match value. Like it will say, Gold Stolen 300 but I’ll win over 1000. I do have Dragon Armor, but I don’t think I am making enough match 4s and 5s to account for the extra. Do some revenge battles steal additional (i.e. uncollected) gold as well as the revenge gold?

  2. When I do a revenge, does the other player have a chance to get revenge on my revenge, or does that end it?

  3. Can another player invade me when I already have 3 revenges logged on my account (i.e. steal gold that I will not have an opportunity to win back in a revenge of my own?)

  4. There have been times when I have had an opportunity to invade the same player in a short time frame, say a half hour, with the same reward. It would seem that after the first successful invasion, I cleaned them out. How then is a second invasion possible with the same reward? Am I really stealing gold that second time or is the game actually creating some gold that didn’t exist to allow me a second invasion? Will the other player have an opportunity for 2 revenges on me for my two invasions?

  5. Finally, and this is really what I am trying to figure out, if I successfully defend against all invasions, will I preserve all the gold I would normally have collected had I never been invaded at all?

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Here’s my guess:

  1. When you revenge, it works out what the value of the battle would be independant of how much gold they stole.
    It works out the amount based on the invade formula, what ever that is.

  2. Not at this time, but this is an idea that fascinates @Sirrian. We spoke about it at Pax, and he was keen on the idea.
    (It was his idea.)

  3. I often log in, revenge once, and immediately have a new revenge come in. Sometimes I wonder if that was queued up, or if it literally gave me out while I was fighting another player. I have to say yes, other people can still attack you when you have three revenges in tow.

  4. You don’t steal everything they have in one go. You steal a fraction of it. They can’t revenge you twice, so I hope that you don’t actually steal from him the second time around. I have seen this same thing myself.

  5. No, They stole it. It is gone. But you earn gold from killing their team, and that is good enough. You still make a profit.

PS, in my post, I used numbers 1 - 5. When I preview it, I see 1 - 5. When I submit it, I see 1, 1 - 4. Weird.

Thanks for the response. I was real curious where all my money was going.

My justification: In addition to getting back your stolen amount, you also get the regular amount as if you invaded them. So your (300 + whatever their pool) times Dragon armor bonus could easily push you over 1000.

I’ve won a revenge where the opponent stole under 10 gold, and offered me over 1k+ gold in return.
Revenge is really nothing more than a fancy way of saying, “Invasion for only 50 Gold and no Revenge for them.”

Pretty much all gold calculation comes from a Users level, and their collective kingdoms levels/power. Sprinkled on top is a fraction of their uncollected gold.

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