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How much gold should be stolen in PVP matches

My wife and I have been having a busy week and haven’t had much time to play Gems. I logged both of us in to the game when I had a few minutes the other night to collect our daily rewards and noticed that her daily gold was far less than mine. I’m a little further along in kingdom development than she is, but my usual daily amount from kingdoms is around 2000 gold. Hers is somewhere between 1500 and 1800. When I logged us both in, even though neither of us had played in around 24 hours, my collected kingdom gold was around 2000 and hers was around 800. I checked our PVP status and saw that I had 0 wins and 2 defeats, with a total of about 100 gold stolen (I think 71 and 40), while she had 0 wins and 3 defeats with over 1200 stolen in those matches (all 3 between 300 and 500). For myself, this seems pretty typical - I generally lose a minimal amount when my defense team loses. I don’t know what her history is.

We’re both in more-or-less the same situation (similar level and had both played around the same time in the previous day), so I don’t understand how the difference could be so drastic. Can anyone tell me how this amount is determined?

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The actual numbers behind how payouts are determined are pretty complex, but I’ll try to break it down for you.

When Player A invades Player B, there is a base percentage of Player B’s total gold income that Player A will be able to take. That percentage can increase or decrease based on each player’s attributes, and the total gold taken will increase the longer Player B goes without collecting their daily rewards. Because there are so many variables (and the game never tells you exactly how much gold the other player has coming), the exact amount Player B could lose from their next payout can vary wildly, especially if Player A is of an especially high level.

But this is where Revenge comes in. If Player B is attacked and loses X amount of gold, they can immediately turn around and attack Player A. If successful, not only will Player B regain all of the gold they lost, but they’ll also pick up some extra gold for their trouble.

Hope that helps!

That was more-or-less my understanding of the mechanism already, but doesn’t really explain why she would lose 10x more gold than I would. The primary variable that I’ve seen discussed is the amount of uncollected gold (which was greater for me). I wasn’t aware that the invader’s level influences the amount stolen. The one item that I know affects the outcome that I can’t see is WHEN we were respectively invaded. If I were hit shortly after I last logged out, the available gold to steal would be small, and if she were hit shortly before she logged in, there would have been more gold available to steal. So that’s a possibility I can’t rule out, but my recollection is that I never seem to lose much (making the success or failure of my revenge attempts relatively inconsequential), but in the last few days, she is consistently losing a large proportion of her kingdom gold.
In any case, thanks for the quick reply.

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Ok that makes sense but because you said complex variables can we get a the mathematical formula for gold payouts and what each variable means like a key to a map?