How much gold...?

In PVP, if it says there is 300 gold available, how much does the player actually have? Seems like most players have around 300-400 gold available for me to steal in PVP, so how much are most peeps keeping ?

I think the quantity of gold earned per battle formula rests on 2 variables : gold unclaimed by the victim and how evolved your kingdoms are (number of kingdoms unlocked, kingdom levels and star levels)

Knowing that most of the people you cross swords with in PvP are people that just used the PvP matchmaking system, there are very few chances for them to have unclaimed gold. So they probably don’t have 300-400 gold available every time you invade someone, maybe 80-100, not more.

There is such a wide range of gold available in PVP it must be based on how much they are holding at the time. I can skip 8 guys with gold in the 300-400 range and then find somebody with 1500. After Spider armor multipliers it makes a decent amount of gold.

Maybe Im wrong, I assumed it was a percentage of how much they have in their possession

i thought probably a multiplier of how much.

i get about 150 per hour (or so) and im on enough that i shouldnt have much more than that except in the wee hours of the morning. Im sure people are not invading me for 2 gold which is how much is shown as “stolen”

The devs clearly stated somewhere that stealing is based on unclaimed gold from Kingdoms, not what’s in the opponent’s possession. But my impression is that it’s only the cherry on top, mostly gold amount from battle depends on the opponent level. I may be wrong of course, it’s just an observation.

I think the level is partially it. I’ve noticed there’s more potential gold to be won at higher levels.

Be careful assuming causation. Higher level players will also tend to have more kingdoms at level 10, and more power stars as well. There are a lot of correlated variables, and testing them would require being able to see how much you are worth to an invader. Or, I guess, looking in the game files. Or getting word directly from the developers.

You are correct that higher level players tend to be worth more gold; I just don’t think we can say why without more information.

If that was to me, that’s why I said “think” and “partially”, not the sole/only reason or variable that determines it.

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Before they introduced the “stealing” the rewards were solely based on level (afaik). The amount of stolen gold is merely an added bonus to this base reward, so the total gold reward is actually based on the opponent’s level. Unless they have been inactive for quite some time, in which case you might steal a little fortune from them.