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How much gold does the average maxed player get?

For three trophy fights I get 1.9k 95% of the time. not sure if that is abnormal, or if once again people are exaggerating -.-
edit- with a 2.25 gold modifier 95% of the time I get a base of 8xx. Sure I am level 1000 but this seems to low!

I get fights worth 1600-2000 gold about 75% of the time and the results of those end up with me getting 3.5-4.1k gold.

I’m level 209-ish

Heh, as a lvl700 I never get fights worth more than 15xx gold (base) - and those are the extreme top ones, happen relatively rarely -, I simply don’t remember ever seeing a a fight worth more gold :frowning:

I’m guessing there’s some kind of lvl or team-power dependent cap or so? or do I have to be a VIP? wish I’d have a 2k fights, and having 1,6-2k base gold 75% of the time … I can’t even imagine how much more gold that’d net me oO /sad

Weaker teams against teams of the same strength earn more gold. I’m VIP 0. The highest fight I’ve ever seen was worth like 2048 gold and that was last night. I’ve only ever had three or four 2k gold fights.

But the amount of gold you get from a fight apparently depends on your defense team.

and how would that work? when we had the tripple-botter problem, I was testing out having a weak defense team, it only resulted in getting even weaker pvp targets (with medicore gold rewards).

So I’m a bit confused :smiley: what do I have to do, to get above the 1,6k gold targets

I don’t know. That’s all I have for info on how the system works

At lvl 1000 my battles average 2k to 3.5k after all bonuses ect.
Lvl 5 vip, ect.

With no vip level on normal difficulty and with dragon armor I get between 2k-4know for fight. You can round it down for about 3k average.
The thing is that the more you fight during the week your rewards will get slightly higher and higher. After about 120-130 fights in pvp almost every fight brings me around 3.5k or more.

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That must explain it, ive not been active lately. 95% of the time, I get 800 gold fights. (prefight text)

Wow, that actually beats me by a wide margin for the pre-battle numbers. I’m level 1000, and I normally see fights worth mid 800 to 1200s, netting me 2.5k to 3.5k post battle. I have VIP 7 and the deathknight number, and about half the kingdoms to five star.

Can you source that? It seems to fluctuate fairly drastically for me no matter how many I have played during the week, though I rarely get up to the 130 battle mark for PvP. I’m currently at the 103 battle mark and the last 5 battles in a row have been sub-900 base, and I know I’ve seen plenty of 1200+ this week with the same defense team.

Yeah I can take pictures of my fights but too busy to it this week.
I’m not 100% sure that this works, but at least my observations is that as you go higher in rank, you get opponents of higher level that offer bigger rewards.

I’m level1000 and vip 10 and get the same as @DonBoba. Average between 2500 and 4000 gold per fight. Deathknight armor and always pic the hard battles.

Some random examples from my Screenshots folder

Almost lvl 700, good 3 trophies battles only earn me 1000 to 1300 (base). No VIP bonus, Dragon Armor, I get between 2500 and 3000

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Level 1001, VIP 10, Deathknight armor. I get 2700 - 4100 per fight, so similar to other players using the same bonuses.

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the max i won was 6000 and i was really suprised about that, i think it only happened once

vip 5, level 1000, dragon armour, even long past pvp rank 1 i still get 800 base for each damn fight !?! (95%)

can anyone figure out why I am getting such low ones, my defense is 85xx.

The more you play, the less you deserve. Honestly, I don’t know. I am at level 450 with a similar set-up and get the same amount of gold (around 700-1100 base). This has been brought up many times, but as far as I know, it was never formally addressed. I guess the system assumes you need less gold as you increase your rank; akin to millionaires paying higher taxes. I’m not sure that I understand the model, but it seems like a case of art imitating life.

I appear to be below everybody else that has posted, which is absurd. My fights are always with people with lower power than my defense.