I'm Not getting as much gold as I use too :(

I don’t know really what causes this exactly, but I remember the glory days of pulling 4-5.5k after pvp battles and the most I ever get anymore is around 2.3-3.8k which is relatively a big dump. Anyone can help me find out why?

It’s a fair chance you leveled up and increased your team ratings.

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Well, yes I have… but why does it take away the gold amount I earn? If anything shouldn’t it increase it??

It takes into consideration your team strenght versus enemy team strength. It also affects pvp points. The weaker your team is when compared to the enemy team, the more gold and points youll get.


Thanks Don, sooo basically play with lower level teams?

Or just complete matches as fast as you can…

The difference in gold really is minimal the more matches you do, simply because you make up the difference in volume.


Its up to you :smiley:
Stronger teams that are estimated at more points probabltly can finish battles faster. So try to find a perfect balance that suits you. Or just ignore all of that, play and enjoy :smiley:

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Gotcha, I still wish I was getting atleast 4k gold again!

Thanks Don :slight_smile: I mean I use a 9300 team it’s doing alright I do have some lower ones cause with out fully traited… but they still kinda work.

I used to get 4K gold per match. Now I get about 2500 but I am earning 1.5-2M per week. :wink:


I hear you, I’ve been donating around 2.5 around 2k trophies as well.

To clarify, Global Score Bonus (or possibly Max Score Potential) is the thing that matters for how much gold you get versus a given score team in PvP. You’ll get the same amount of gold for a given score PvP battle no matter which team you actually use in the battle. As for being matched with high score teams that are therefore worth a lot of gold per battle, you supposedly get stronger opponents based on the average score team that you use in invade, but anecdotally, you’ll get paired with stronger opponents more often with a higher score defense team. Also note that while teams of a given score will start giving less gold as your global score increases, your minimum gold earned per battle also increases.

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I was defending invade score implication theory in past, but since then i came to better understanding of matchmaking.
Teams you get given are influenced by both your invading and your defending team.
If both of your teams are low points, your opponents will be low points too. If 1 of your team has low score and the other high, your opponent will be completly variable - from 1400-1500 base gold on 3 trophies to 900 base gold on 3 trophies. Lower end will be affected 2 and you may recieve a single troop defense but all 3 options may be strong.
And when both od your teams are high score youll meet only high score opponents.

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Quite possibly, yes. Matchmaking aside, though, you will always get the same amount of gold for a given battle no matter which team you use based entirely their current team score versus either Global Score Bonus or Max Score Potential (not sure which as both are influenced by same thing for me). Using a lower score team invade team will neither help you get matched with higher score and therefore higher gold payout teams (and possibly the opposite, as you stated) nor get you more gold for the battles you have already been matched with, not even anecdotally.

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Yeah I heard about if your defense team score is high or low that’s kinda based on how high the gold gets.

Remember that guild bonuses can also come into play since they’re accounted for. So when one of our heavy hitters from Unrepentant takes a vacation in our sister guild, Purgatory, the PvP points, types of opponents and gold can all change.

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