Pertaining to PVP (Rewards, Defending etc)


There were several questions that I had about PVP that rose recently. Was wondering if anyone/devs could help shed some light:

  1. What is the formula for determining the rewards you get from a player? I know its based off uncollected Tribute, but is there a specific calculation that goes into it? Does it include accumulation of gold during periods you can’t collect the gold (before an hour is up?)

  2. When the ranks reset yesterday, I immediately began Invading. There were users who were already/still on Rank 1. Is there a delay in updating user ranks? Does it only update when they login?

  3. I’ve successfully matched against the same user within 2-3 games before. Does this mean that you can accumulate multiple victories against a user before they login? Does the game log all those defeats on their end? Would multiple revenge chances against the same user be queued up?

There are so many things I want to know about this game. I feel like I have to know every little detail!


I only roughly know this - it has a core amount based on the enemy’s level (I think), boosted by their uncollected gold - and that only ticks up once an hour (I think). This would need a dev to explain, don’t recall seeing the formula…

Note sure - haven’t seen this myself (but I am usually at work when the reset hits, so I only log in a few hours later). Anyone else? devs?

Yes you can face the same opponent multiple times. Each defeat or loss would be counted. They only get one Revenge battle, if you won at least once… these don’t stack.


I’m fairly sure PVP rank only resets once the player logs in. So people who are offline when the new week starts will be at their final rank for all their opponents, until they actually open the game themselves.


I can confirm this through watching ranks of my guild members. People who are away can be ranked 1 well after new season has started, once they log in they are reseted. The thing is that you can only get opponents in PvP who were using PvP recently, so you wont fight someone absent for more then IDK 2 weeks, but 2-3 days of not logging in will still be matched in PvP.