Gold in PvP: Exact formula


End Results of Revenge PvP Fights displays a wrong number of gold gained.
the real gold Gained with Dragon Armor on Revenge Matches is:
(Bonus Goldx4)+ (Match Gold+100) x 2.
this is what you really gain.

Revenge doubles the overall enemy bonus, and adds 100 gold on top of it, multiplied by armors.

Hi, i did a bit of testing because i was just curious.
Tested several battles, by keeping account of my gold totals, enemy bonuses and end of battle displayed bonus.


Displayed Gold = the gold value u see at the very end of a battle

Bonus Gold = The Bonus you see before starting a match with a certain player.

Match Gold = The gold you gained during a match, via 4+'s or troops.

Armor Gold Multiplier = the Bonus to gold you get from your hero Armor.


Normal Battle = (Bonus Gold + Match Gold) x Armor Gold Multiplier = Displayed Bonus

Rival = SAME as per Normal Battle

Revenge = _((Bonus Gold x2) + Match Gold+100) x Armor Multiplier _

Revenge Displayed Gold (bugged) = (Bonus Gold +100 x Armor Multiplier)

Examples: you wear Dragon Armor (+100% gold)
vs an enemy with bonus +978, and during the match u gain 33 gold.

At the end of the match you WILL see : 2156
this is the incorrect amount. it just shows the enemy bonus x 2 and adds 200 (100 x 2 from armor) on top of it.
But what you have really gained is : 4178
which is the actual amount that has been really added to your total gold reserves. Which is 4 time the enemy Bonus, + 2 times the match gold, + 200 ( 100 x 2 armor multipl.) gold added in the end.

hope this helped if anyone was curious too.

NOTE: the +200 could actually be a +100 to the match gold, multiplied by 2 by my dragon armor. gonna test it out if it’s affected by the armor multiplier.

NOTE 2 (EDIT): i can CONFIRM that is actually 100 x Armor Multiplier.
updating formulas above.


Nice work. Why it doesn’t display the total gold won at the end of a fight is beyond me. Not sure if that’s a bug or a bad design choice.

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Very interesting!

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thanks, still waiting the server to come back to test the 200 bonus

OK finally server is more stable, the +200 flat bonus was actually
a +100 to Match Gold modified by Armor Gold Multiplier.

so i can confirm that final formula for revenge is:

((Bonus Gold x 2 [revenge]) + (match gold + 100)) x Armor Multiplier


Is this only for revenge or can the same be applied to rival fights as well?

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Rival fights do not get the 2x Revenge bonus.

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I actually started this test to find out if Rival was giving something hidden.

Rival doesn’t add anything apart the glory.

only Revenge increases Gold amounts (2x and that flat bonus)


Thank you for looking into it.

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