Old Glitch: Gold Bonuses now applying [solved]

I had a revenge match about 10 min ago worth about 2,900 gold, after the match I received about 3,200 gold this made me curious so I took pictures of my next match (which I accidentally went into with my defense team (I know it’s being fixed already)) I have a 3x multiplayer from having death knight armor and VIP 10. If the developers @Sirrian or @Nimhain can respond here to let me know if I need to put in a ticket for lost resources it would be appreciated

I took picture every couple turns so I can show that it is all the same match, I estimate from the 2,000 gold match and the 3,000 gold match (+the matches where I wasn’t teaching gold) I should be owed somewhere around 15k-25k gold at least

I suppose it is possible that the amounts shown are already post bonus but that would mean for the first guy on the list would’ve had to be worth around 230 which seems wayyyy low

Apparently The pics got uploaded out of order but they are all there

It looks like multipliers aren’t being counted outside of increasing the Gold Cap. (Or caps in general.)

That’s my guess, anyways.

It works correctly for souls, but yeah, I too should have about 30.000 more gold.

I think that happened to me but i only played a handful of matches before heading to bed so I want able to confirm it. Love to see that fixed.

Lucky you I should have over
124,000 gold
I started at 0 then battled to 62,000 gold I have a x3 multiplier so I am missing 62+k times 2= 124+k

I have just 2x and I’m not good with time so cant PvP much. . And I’m even more discouraged to PvP when a battle doesn’t bring me the gold it should. .

I under stand, a lot of my battles were for between 2k-3k+ gold (without the bonus) so at least the rewards are being generous

the same for me,

My bonuses are applying correctly in quest batlles, by the way. I still haven’t tried PvP, with all that’s going on.

I think the armor bonuses are now being correctly applied to gold. Can someone with this problem earlier confirm?

Confirmed working as intended now

Perhaps change the subject by adding [solved]?

Changed, but I can make it less cheeky and more direct if it’s confusing

I’d go with [solved]… :slight_smile:

I play on iOS can someone on steam post a screenshot of the same info (your bonus level, the troop screen with the possible reward, and the victory screen with the actual rewards)…

I just want to make sure all the bases are covered, some things can be patched up on one platform but not the other (at the same time at least)

@Darkness, I just wanna cover all the bases cause if the developers think it’s fixed on both ends then steam player might not be getting there bonuses fixed