[ps4] not getting attacked/invaded

Hi ! Some kind of a technical question here ! I make a lot of invasions but nobody never attacks me.
Let me get more precise : I do some invasions everyday, perhaps twenty per day for my guild.

I’d like to understand why and if this is normal.

You should be getting invaded by doing invades as well. That’s what i do whenever I don’t get attacked.

Or maybe you aren’t logged in long enough in one sitting.

its a 24 hour cycle on the pc. not sure about the ps4. maybe they see your defending team and go … oh god no. :slight_smile:

What kind of a Defensive team are you running? Would it cause people to skip you.

With PS4, you might need to reach out to @505GamesSupport and see if they can check your account to see if you are bugged.

So this is interesting… I never get invaded either. I have stats of over 150 PvP games and only 7 defends.

I honestly don’t even remember what it’s like to defend.

That being said, I set my most powerful team to defend. Is it a better strategy to set a weak team of defenders to entice plays to invade you if they scout you (I never scout a potential opponent and just jump right into battle)?

When actually doing a revenge game, you get to pick the team, right?

So the idea is to set weak defenders and then when you get invaded, play the revenge game with your actual preferred team.

If the console version works like the PC version used to work, there’s also a cost factor involved. Revenge battles used to cost only 50 gold, compared to several hundred for invading. If you find yourself not strong enough to win next to every PvP battle, revenge will maximize your profit.

My theory is it may be based on your uncollected gold.
I skip all battles where I will not earn much from an attack and only jump in to battle with an opponent where I will earn a greater amount from the time spent in game.
Perhaps your gold per hour is poor? Or you are logged on multiple times per day?