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Defends on ps4 console

since the latest patch i have received no defend/revenge games. Is that strictly due to no one attacking me? This is preventing me from finishing tasks for defending.

In short, yes. The end of the week is always lackluster in terms of defends.
Just wait for the weekly reset and invade often, how often you attack others the more likely you are to be attacked.

im in rank #4 guild, i put up anywhere from 110-150 trophies weekly…it has to be a glitch, i leave ALL my gold in there, im over level 400, so i have over 2k gold in there for the taking, i use crappy troops to give free wins too =/

omg LOL, well…9 months later still havin the issue, havent been logged in in a long time. sry for delay in reply haha. once the pvp updates it wont be an issue nemore.