How are people making 5k+ and up gold a day?

Just curious I see a lot of guild that ask for a minimum of 5k gold a day for their guilds and I’m wondering how they get everyone to meet this requirement? 5K a day seems like a lot to a new player unless you’re buying the weekly gold sub.

What is a realistic amount of gold per day for newer players under level 100 and how exactly is everyone making it so quickly just farming PvP matches for hours a day?


That’s a couple PvP matches, its not much at all.


If nothing else, 1 complete Arena run should easily get you 5,000 gold at the least regardless of level.

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Yeah 5k is not that much with all the bonus you can get it in 2 or 3 pvp match

Edit: sorry just saw the under level 100 allusion, if you got 250 gems i suggest you to buy the dragon armor it will boost the gold win + 100%

But if you are willing to spend real money you should buy the Darknight armor at 50$, this is the best armor so far giving +100% gold, souls and xp

  1. Follow Rickygervais advise and buy “Dragon Armor” as soon as you can!!! (its 500 Gems) But makes a massive difference if your free to play.

  2. 5k per day Guild huh? Most guilds I thought list requirements as weekly.

  3. Watch @Tacet the Terror on YouTube, lots and lots of info for new players.


Also, if you struggle with having any teams, simply doing 6-8 treasure maps a day (about 6-15 minutes) would get you at least 5k gold, among many other resources.

Treasure maps, regardless of bonuses, always pay out the same rate for all players. This makes them particularly good for newer players.

You can obtain all the maps you ever need from using Tyri. You get her for free from finishing the Zhul’kari kingdom.


@Calv1n buddy i can loan you some … small fee of course :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t really respond to the question of “what is a realistic amount of gold per day for newer players”, but a few other things that contribute to higher level players being able to get gold easily (and things that you can work toward as you play):

  1. If you save up your gems to buy Dragon Armor, you’ll get a 100% bonus on all gold earned in matches. That makes a huge difference.
  2. At my level, I get over 5000 gold per day just for logging in and collecting tribute once. This is because all of my kingdoms are levelled up, and those 50 gold per day (or 100 or 150 depending on the number of stars on each kingdom) really add up.
  3. Once all your kingdoms are levelled up to 10, you not only get more tribute, but you also don’t need to keep investing your gold into your kingdoms. It takes millions of gold to get there, but once you do, it’s like having your mortgage paid off. Everything you earn can go right into your guild.

I hope that is helpful. Any guild you’re in should be reasonable about balancing the gold you make between levelling up your kingdoms and contributing to guild tasks. If they are demanding more than you can reasonably provide (once you’ve looked into the various ways to make gold), then you may want to consider finding a guild that is more friendly to developing players.

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My guild (Gems of the Ostfront) has a rule that NOBODY donates gold until all kingdoms are level 10 by that time 5k per day is a cake walk… As it is i know i can do 300k-400k per day if i have the time…

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Thanks all I really appreciate all the help and advice I’m just getting back into the game after a long hiatus and so much has changed. The 5k gold per day seemed high to me for a casual guild player but I guess I haven’t been looking at it from the varied perspectives you’ll just enlightened me with.

How do some people do 100k a week or more the same way or is there a best way to grind gold vs the us the alchemist which seems to max at 125 a match or just doing PvP endlessly which only pays well if you win. I have made the PvP way really hard for myself as I spent all last week grinding it to get the rank 5 achievement and now I have opponents that are usually way stronger then me that just crush me with the endless cascade teams (I had hoped this reset every week but it doesn’t as I went from fighting rank 16k people last week to only 4.5k ranked people this week)

Thanks all

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Do you have mab? If so build this team

Lion banner

Try and get wraith fully traited then all you gotta do is fill valk and use her to fill justice and usebjustice to spam skulls…

I am level 76 on ps4 and that is what i am doing and i beat level 1000 players often…

Honestly, the small bonuses you get from using a “gold farming” troop like alchemist are just a drop in the bucket. PVP is the most reliable place to earn gold, and doing “Casual PVP” can be a good place to do that if you want to be more selective about the teams you’re facing. You can pay 50 gold to get a new set of three options if the ones you’re given look too difficult. That 50 gold is a small price to pay if it gets you an easier win worth 1000 gold or more.

To overcome some of the difficult teams, a reliable approach is to use a looping team where you control the board and never let the AI take a turn. You can find lots of different builds on the forums, but some famous ones are Treant, Alchemist, Valkyrie, Banshee, or Green Seer, Giant Spider, something, something, or Hellcat, Alchemist, something, something (the somethings are whatever works for you - lots of troops can be fed leftover mana from those looping combinations). You just need to watch out for Mab (and other troops that can inflict freeze) when you’re using looping teams.

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Two words.
Casual PvP.


Archon statue is a better option as it blocks no one and is equally cheap to trait.
Archon statue

I like the frozen trait wraith has tho cuz justice boosts off of it and i dont have mabs 3rd

just doing pvp for the gold offered, win as many as fast you can :stuck_out_tongue:
ignore merchant traits and gold earned inside the fight

I also don’t have Queen Mab I’m assuming a very rare drop as I have opened thousands of chests at this point…

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She is legendary in rarity, so the 2nd most rare type of card. With over 40 legendary cards in the game, the odds of getting her specifically are quite low, but keep opening glory and gem chests and you will get her in time.

Thousands isn’t really that many, and it greatly depends on the Chest.

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Thanks Strat I looked up the chest and differences when I returned to the game before I started spending keys (and money). I have opened hundreds of the gem, glory and event and about 100 VIP chests the rest have been the cannon fodder golds that don’t give much but troops for upgrades. That said I have opened enough I have moved several from white to purple and green to orange in a few cases. So far only 1 mythic which I bought in a shop pack that awarded at level 150, 16 legendary and around 70 epics. Still it seems like a lot of chests for no Mab…