How are people making 5k+ and up gold a day?

Yeah RNG, but you’ll get it. Unfortunately I don’t think were due for a Glacial Peaks event in the near future, as that would make it easier for you.

Keep an eye on the weekly Event Kingdom and your missing Legendary troops. When it coincides open some Event Chests to focus on those troops.

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Maybe some might disagree with me. However, the fastest way to generate gold is by selectively fighting in Casual PvP and using 100% gold from a armor set, like the Dragon Armor. And always fighting the very weakest opponent in the 1st spot. If not, spending 50 gold to rotate until you do. And I don’t mean just weak to you, I mean very weak to you. This way you can kill them quickly and move to another. Yes you spend 50-200 gold (in general, rarely spending more but not much more) sometimes in rotating to a very weak team. Though with earning around 2,000+ gold (or around) back, it makes up for it. I’ve beaten others in earning gold using this and without having to spend a lot of time doing it. You can earn a lot and quickly.

And if someone says I can do the same in being selective with Ranked PvP. First, you’d be spending gems over gold to cycle to new teams. Secondly, the AI fights with more conviction in Ranked PvP than Casual PvP. And lastly, with Ranked PvP you will more often find semi weak opponents not usually just very weak opponents. And you will also spend more time per battle because of not so weak, and more competitive AI.

Then you might get some saying I can earn in Arena … ~ummm~ not as fast as you could in Casual PvP. I still don’t know why some do Arena for even the 10 trophies. You could pick on weak or very weak opponents, and earn 10 trophies sooner than it would take you in Arena.

And of course earning gold in Treasure Maps is a joke I won’t even mention that as a applicable process. You waste a lot more time than you earn.

My Casual PvP selectivity towards very weak opponents in the acquisition of gold has saved me not only time but effort. And currently GoW does not have a easier or faster system than this. (Well unless you decide to spend money and just buy the gold that is, talking strictly by earning in-game.) So its something I do when I need money and a lot of it fast.

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Saw Stan and then some others hint on this as well. It really is the best way in my opinion.

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When I started playing 2 weeks ago I would have agreed with you 100% but now I’m in week 3 and I can’t do anything in PvP ranked or casual after placing in rank 3 week 1 and rank 1 on week 2 and moving past level 200. Now every opponent I face even if I spend 1000 gold cycling opponents in Casual is way stronger then me in 99% of cases. I posted about it here already…

Thanks for the advice but for me I’m sticking with the annoying arena for now it’s 10k Gold and 30 trophies for what is 95% of the time 8 quick and much easier then PVP fights


re-rolling enemy until you find very week opponent is no longer needed on PC since the 4x speed - now you can kill abit harder opponents nearly as fast the very easy ones and re-rolling probably takes just as much time as the diffference time in defeating, but then you keep extra gold!

not sure was it mentioned, but perhaps your personal accound development is much faster then your guild development?

perhaps you should join more active guild - that will make up for it and fill your legendary cards collection

you obviously need more strong cards to be able to face those opponents, once you do you will be able to come back to pvp

Hellcat / Alchemist / GobRocket / GobRocket is the safest and easiest loop team - extra Fire Links, and lots of control and continuing damage.


Even if there is a 4x speed for PC still selecting the very weak opponents means you’ll do those even faster than before. You might be able to do the harder ones but if you consider 4x and very weak and 4x and average or 4x and hard. You will still complete the very easy battles faster. So just because 4x is there doesn’t mean the capacity to doing very weak is excluded.

i mean to reset enemy 3 times and click them takes few seconds

beating very easy enemy vs beating that random easy enemy takes that exact same few seconds faster so the time evens out but you gain more gold?

reset time + beating very fast enemy = no reset time + beating random easy enemy
reset costs < no reset costs + possibly higher gold offered

more or less :slight_smile:

If you mean cycling to a new set in your mention to ‘reset’. That doesn’t take long at all 1-2 seconds. And if you have to cycle a bit usually need to only do it 1-4 times. 1/2 - 4/8 seconds. Time may vary but a very easy team I can beat in 1 minutes (or less) (this is what we all call super easy). A easy team in 2 minutes. A average strength team can take up to 5 minutes. And a hard can take up to 8 minutes or even longer (really depends). And I hit very easy between 1-4 cycles.

My level : 747
Armor : Dragon Armor

Typical gold offered :
1 - 600 gold (very easy) * 2 = 1,200 gold
2 - 800 gold (easy) * 2 = 1,600 gold
3 - 1,000 gold (medium) * 2 = 2,000 gold
4 - 1,500 gold (hard) * 2 = 3,000 gold

Typical time for completion (based on my performance) :
1 - 1 minute (very easy)
2 - 2 minutes (easy)
3 - 5 minutes (medium)
4 - 8 minutes (hard)

Very Easy

Battles : 60
Battle Time : 60 minutes
Cycle Time (to get to very easy) : 60 * 2 = 120 seconds / 2 minutes
Gold Earned : 72,000


Battles : 60
Battle Time : 120 minutes
Cycle Time (to get to very easy) : 120 * 2 = 240 seconds / 4 minutes
Gold Earned : 96,000

Even if you play for 8 hrs you will encounter only around 14-20 minutes of Cycle Time (wait time).
So its really not worth factoring in or worrying over.

Now lets say you played for 8 hrs

Very Easy

Battles : 608 = 480
Gold Earned : 72,000
8 = 576,000


Battles: 30*8 = 240
Gold Earned : 384,000

You earn 192,000 more gold on very easy over easy within that 8 hours.

So it is very much worth cycling to very easy and only considering very easy battles to engage. Those that feel even easy is applicable just waste extra time. For myself I would waste an additional 52 seconds over cycling to a very easy at maximum 8 seconds.

Note: This is considering battles at 1x speed and not up to 4x. Since I tend to just play at 1x. Your speed and performance may vary from my own. Though, I would say I am a pretty average player. So these rough figures are not based around a poor performance.

yes i agree with you about 1x speed, but 1/4 of one minute is 15 second, id rather take extra 15 second in battle then 8 second outside of battle considering the gold difference and plain conveniency of not wondering should i reset or not :slight_smile: thats what i was trying to say to begin with… the 4x changes the situation

and i didnt say it works for hard and very hard battles, just the easy vs very easy

And if you looked at how I broke things down this is all I considered. I feel you skipped it to write this post. So please if you reply to me, but don’t read fully, do not tag me for reply. It at least allows me the understanding that you have read what was written in the post you are replying to. As I only reply to posts I fully read as well. I also did rough estimations for time and gold based on very easy and easy selections. Do read it. Its like you reply here but didn’t even read. And honestly that bugs me when I get a reply that totally overlooks what was written. As I explain a lot of what you wrote back in that post. Keep in mind that 1/2 - 4/8 is in reference to 1-2 & 4-8 respectfully. Not a fraction … And the time difference between very easy and easy is 1 minute. Puzzled where you came up with 15 seconds.

IE very easy battle time is 1 minute. Easy battle time is 2 minutes. With a averaged 8 seconds between.

You will earn more gold doing very easy over easy in even my mentioned post above. It even explains how many battles, times and etc.

I would rewrite that post if I felt I needed to, but I shouldn’t need to. I’ll just point very strongly at the very long list above. Read or don’t. If you don’t read please cease tagging me, thank you.

how can you be puzzled about 15 seconds if from the very beginning i said i am talking about 4x speed?

i do not know how much time takes loading screens in a 4x speed so i leave it as it is,

i leave the loading times and whatever the base battle speed it is for very easy its an unknown time lesser or equal to 1 minute you set up

but since easy battle will take exact same loading times as the very easy battle, and the only difference of extra 1 minute it costs is the actual during-battle time spent - all that is affected by the 4x speed so that extra minute i divide by 4. which is 15 seconds

on 4x speed:
very easy battle = x seconds
easy battle = x seconds + 15 sec

reset time is not affected by 4x speed so i leave it with the 8sec you estimated average

the rest you already read above

I think you guys went a little overboard with the max gold per minute but thanks for the information. I don’t play to maximize gold at that level however that seems very job like to me. I just play casually with our clan and try to make some gold while enjoying the game by playing all the different aspects (as long they are fun sadly Ranked PvP has not been fun for a long time but I can still play a little casual and like the TH, Explore and Arena games)


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