Guide to Earning Gold!

Now, personally, I like to save a little gold for myself, but otherwise, the rest of the gold goes toward my guild. We require 1.1 million gold per week. That isn’t quite enough to clear all normal and epic tasks (that would require 1.572 million average), but most of our members give 1.1 million and others give more, so we do get into the legendary task territory weekly.

With that being said, one thing you can do is buy the gold you need for your guild, and then anything else you earn, you keep for yourself (leveling up kingdoms, delves, or even legendary tasks if you want to splurge!)

Step 1: Find the BEST deal possible for gems.


Holy buckets there’s even a sale going on right now. Okay, calm down. Don’t get excited. Next, figure out how much gold you can buy with the gems you just purchased. Look for the best gold to gem ratio. I found it!


ROAR! The DRAGON’S hoard. This one is A LOT of gold. Okay, now, figure out how much gold you want to contribute to your guild’s tasks. For me, that would be 1.1 million gold every week!

That’s… 1100000 / 75000 = 15 Dragon’s Hoard purchases. Each one costs 300 gems. That’s EXACTLY 4500 gems! Only $100 for me to help my guild out with tasks.

Next week will be a bit pricier, on account of no st patrick’s bonus (750 gems) or first time purchase (1500 gems), so it would only be 2,250 gems for $100. But you know what? $100 for my guild this week, and $200 next week, that is a small price to pay for family.


Orrrrrr, depending on your kingdoms obviously, just collect your tributes ~16 times per day the whole week and buy yourself something nice!

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I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not and I’m terrified :joy:


I think my idea is less sarcastic, but still enough :laughing:

Bought them, what do I do next to earn more??

Play all your treasure maps to earn even more gold ànd gems which you can convert to even more gold! It might just take a tiny bit longer this time but it’s so much fun! Don’t forget to spend all the glory in the shop to buy treasure maps again if you ever run out! It’s an infinite gold loophole!

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Do not play treasure hunt for gold, or at all. Play 3 trophy pvp

I’m sure @MarioDaems was being sarcastic…

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