Why can't I get more gold?


Hi guys,

I created a gold making line up to rake in a little more income composed of 1. Banshee, 2. Tyri, 3. Alchemist, and 4. Finley. The team is set up so on most occasions I can achieve nearly endless ability chains until I win. The only problem I’ve run into is that my gold production caps out at 158 bonus gold per match.

Why is that?

Seems a little unfair to me, I do a lot of gem manipulating work to get that gold, I feel like I should be able to get a bit more out of it.

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It would be rather stupid dont having a cap. Imagine someone goes with a double Brian the Lucky and increase the magic of the Alchemist endlesstly. I do agree the cap might be way too low. On both gold and souls.


I do agree with you, I have no problem with there being a cap, it could do with being a bit higher though.


There is a cap for both gold and souls, to avoid unlimited farming. The cap is raised if you’re wearing an armour.


Gold is capped at 105 without armor bonuses. (Max 210 with Dragon)
As well as Souls capped at 40. (Max 80 with Celestial)

For easy gold and soul gain, play the Broken Spire Challenge, ’Fortress Siege’ mission with (what I recommend) Tyri, Alchemist, and Valkyrie paired with a blue catcher of some sort that doesn’t do too much damage, or at least targets (so as not to destroy the Fortress Gate). Wight or Warlock should do well.

No fear of skulls to rush the process is always nice. :stuck_out_tongue:


Best way for gold farming is, IMHO, PVP.

I had the same problem (low gold) but with Dragon Armor you easily get from 1k to over 2k for every win


Yuh, I’m saving my gems for the dragon armour, shouldn’t take me too long to get there.


Thanks for the tips.

I’m pretty new so I’m still working my way through all the quests and challenges, I got a bit annoyed that I would lose gold doing normal quests though so I made the comp I’m now using for it. I find it’s working pretty well for me. Wins are easy and reaching my current gold cap happens without having to really try for it.


If its easy or not isnt the case. You should always aim for fast. Doing two battles of 3 mins with non-farming and fast troops rewards more gold than one 7 min battle (if lucky) with a farming comp. At least when it comes to pvp. And this does not include soul farming. Which is still better arena + celestial. ^-^


Yeah, PvP I play fast and hard, I don’t mess about there. I have a more cut throat comp for that.


I just discovered this for sure myself (I had suspected it for a while.) I was waiting on completing more challenges until I had Celestial armor. When battles have no gold reward, you can really see what you earn on the board. I knew something was off when I earned 193 gold every time.

I gotta say, the idea of a cap gruntles me a little bit. It greatly diminishes the value of troops that earn gold. Or souls, for that matter, though I haven’t gotten there yet. Now that I know my soul generation will be limited, I may not bother.

Has there always been a cap? Or is this new from one of the updates? I suspect it was added in an update after the developers noted it was being used to advantage by some players. Which is why there is no info box for soul/gold earners that explains their max usefulness (the way there is now info boxes to tell you the boost ratio.)

That should change. It costs 3500 or so souls to upgrade a currency-earner, and if you are doing it because you see the added advantage of soul or gold gain, you should know beforehand that the gain is negligible.

Some of my thoughts on the issue.


It’s always been there. The cap can be risen from it’s original limit by additive bonuses like Armor, Difficulty, etc.


Follow-up. Before my previous post, I had not yet given the new update a good-faith effort. I didn’t like some of the changes and was pouting a bit. But I got some interesting pointers from this forum, namely

Made sense. So I decided to try again. My opinion has been revised. It still seems a little frustrating that there is a gold cap, but if your time is valuable, farming gold with the alchemist is a waste of it. Also, before I knew there was a gold cap, I would hold off on finishing the last two enemy troops while I loaded up and cast a few more alchemy spells. Battles took a long time.

Now that I know my earnings are limited, I just go in and finish off fast. So do I still think the Alchemist is basically worthless? No, he kicks butt. Fairly fast mana-loader, and he keeps Moloch rolling. That’s way more valuable than the measly amount of gold he earns with each cast.

I guess sometimes you get so bent-out-of-shape because you can’t do things the way you want to that you don’t really even stop to think if your way makes sense.


Doesn’t work to well if the challenge is completed and the enemies have traits active. Their health and Fortress Gates armour get crazy high.

Still looking for an alternative.


Lol sigh… XD


Someone know if the gold cap have changed or not (105 without armor)? Thx.


Repeatedly got 138 gold with no armour on my testing of Fortress Seige.


the gold cap goes up as difficulty does. armour also affects this as well