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How to earn 2,760,000 gold to get all kingdoms to level 10?


Now I’ve gotten my kingdoms to level 5, I started looking at the next stage: Getting them, one at a time, to level 10.

This will cost 115,000 gold per kingdom x 24 kingdoms = 2,760,000 gold.

I’m wondering how to best obtain this rather large sum, and how long it took you to earn this?

Possibly I’m missing something but even assuming I put 50k gold/week towards this, it will take over a year.


Get dragon armor and play PvP. For example I earned about 600.000 this week with moderate amount of playing (about 150 battles)

Thanks, I do have dragon armour but have been concentrating on all the PvE content so far.

Does PvP pay out much more?

If you hardcore play PvP with Dragon armor, you can do that amount of gold in a week. I normally hit around 500,000 gold from PvP alone during a casual week. Weeks I play excessively range from 3M to 5M gold.

A lot more. It is the most profitable way to obtain gold in the entire game by a large margin. Also, PvP is still PvE. It is just PvE against real players’ teams.

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I really had no idea it paid out more - will give it a shot.

Thanks for the help!

I love how GoW’ers use the word casual.


“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

I love that proverb. Whenever a goal seems too large, break it into bite size chunks.

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Yeah, Tacet’s idea of a casual week is what most people would consider hardcore or, in his words, ‘excessive’. Tacet’s numbers will probably be unachievable for you, even if you played as much as he does, since he will have higher reward PVP matches available to him than you probably do.

In any case, PVP will definitely be your main source of gold, but another thing I would suggest is to try to collect tribute as often as possible. With all your kingdoms at level 5, you will get an average of one kingdom paying tribute every time you collect, and you have the oppotunity to do this as frequently as every hour. As your kingdom levels increase, you’ll begin to collect tribute from more kingdoms every time you collect.

For reference, I am a steady, but more casual player. I probably average about 10 hours a week and not all of that time is grinding PvP looking for maximum gold. It took me several months to get all my kingdoms to 10 once I realized the importance of doing it. You’ll find that the further you progress, the faster you’ll gain gold. I probably earn several hundred thousand per week now.


I came back to the game 4 weeks ago without a SINGLE kingdom upgraded to 10. They were all level 5 with some at level 4. 4 weeks later all my kingdoms are maxed. I have the Deathknight armor. (dragon works too) I did lots of pvp 300-500 trophies a week. I was also fortunate enough to be in 2 great guilds that donate a lot, so I got a lot of gems. Now most won’t recommend this, but getting all kingdoms to 10 as fast as possible was my goal; so I used all my gems to buy the 30,000 gold packs every week. I did a ton of pvp, used gems to buy gold packs, and used treasure maps sometimes. I did it in 4 weeks, fight hard and you will get there way sooner than you think. :slight_smile: I accomplished this while still making sure to donate at least 70k-120k per week to the guild.

Edit: I forgot to say a couple more things. I used all my glory no matter how good/bad the new troops were. At 5,000 gold a pack that really adds up too. Now it might seem like I was a hardcore player before, but I wasn’t. I hadn’t even got to level 100 yet, until I started really grinding. The important thing is, it can be done as fast and as slow as you want. You don’t have to do that much pvp weekly if you can’t or don’t want to. Just know if you work at a decent pace, it shouldn’t take you a year. :slight_smile:


Having a strategy also counts, Here’s what I did:

Leveling all kingdoms to level 6. Minimal cost for maximum tribute.
Collect tribute every hour.
Get the Magic Kingdoms to level 10 first. Makes battles/grinding easier.
Then max up the Attack Kingdoms. Ditto.
Then have a good grinding session in PvP.

As you get your kingdoms to higher level your Gold income increases and the challenge gets easier.

I completed my last 10 Kingdoms in one week.

It’s a great feeling completing all the Kingdoms.

Good luck!


Play. I earn a million gold a week in pvp.