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How about dem Elves?

So far, many races in the game have started to develop their own racial flavor, such as the dwarves’ tenacity, goblin’s extra turns, wildfolks’ fast mana, orc’s warmongling traits, and the dragons’ overall OP-factor.

So how about them elves? Their abilities so far seem to be kinda random… almost… human-like. That can’t be right, right?
Shouldn’t the elves get some kind of special elf-fy thing to identify them for elvish?

Let’s throw out some ideas here for their racial traits?
I was thinking something similar to the orc pacakge, but instead of proc-ing on taking damage, it can be 4 or 5 gem matches or some such.
Magical Affinity: 50% (or 100?) chance to get +1 mana on 4 or more gem matches.


Thought this was going to be a feature request to have Elves appear in PVP defense teams in a month. I am a little bit disappointed that this is an actual feature request with thought put into it.

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Elf’s Wisdom: % chance to gain 1/3 of mana back after casting

Elf’s Farsight: Gain +1 mana to myself on any 4+ gem matches (not to other units and is unrelated to the color of gems matched)
or: gain +1 mana to myself when an enemy starts a turn

Elf’s Aim: % chance to ignore agile and armor reduction traits


I like that Farsight trait!

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+Mana on matches sounds crazy OP, especially if it’s a common trait among a whole race. That’s like a mythic-level trait.


We would like to do something for elves like we did for dwarves and goblins.

We’re still working on a good theme for the elves though, as we have 3 different types of elves currently Wood Elves (Forest of Thorns), Dark Elves (Zhul’Kari) and High Elves (Silverglade).

We want to make them feel like they might have all originally been one race before going their own way.


YES more elves development.


Elf is best. Best elf.


I think enchant all elves on match 5 could be interesting, or enchant a random ally on match 4 but we need some powerful elves that could actually do something with a weapon rather than the support troops they appear to be currently. An ‘elven lord’ (mythic) could really be something where you guys could make him a bit op with an all elf team and bring them to the forefront.
Maybe an immune to mana drain trait? Deal extra damage to enemies based on the number of enchanted allies? There’s so much scope!
You absolutely nailed dwarves, great job apart from the lady ironbeard losing that armor gain trait, that was a bad thing.
Looking forward to the elf rework guys!

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And dem Merfolk. Don’t forget dem.

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Fixed that for you.


I agree that the elven racial trait should focus around magic, that has to do with their essence, ergo coming from a common ancestor.

Elven Resilience- immunity to mana drain
Elven Aptitude- gain +1 mana on 4+ matches of this troops color
Elven Empowerment- unit may collect 2x the mana to have spell effect deal 1.5x effect

Something like that… :thinking:



How about something unrelated to traits like elves spells cost 2 less mana than the effect should normally cost.

So even though wildfolk start with lots of mana elves have a constant edge meaning more spells more often.

I suppose this could be a trait.

Elf Link: mana cost is reduced by 1 for every allied elf.

Eleven Lord: mana cost reduced by 2 for every allied elf



Considering Dwarven Fortitude we can aim a bit higher than just immunity to mana drain, right?

Elven Grace: Immune to Entangle, Mana Burn, and Mana Drain. This troop’s Magic can’t be reduced.


You mean Web, right?


Here’s a few ideas.

Elven Willpower: immune to charm and mana drain.
Story: Elves can shrug off attempts to manipulate or cloud their minds as easily as dwarves can shrug off poisons and diseases of the body. The elves pride themselves on their mental resilience. Everyone else thinks elves are too stubborn.
Gameplay: At present, immunities to mana drain and charm do not exist in the game; bundling the immunities together would create a unique and desirable trait. Mana drain is a consistent presence in endgame pvp, with troops such as Psion, Famine, and Emperor Korvash making spellcasting a pain for everyone else. Charm can also be rather powerful; one Wisp can be a dangerous nuisance, and two can feel genuinely unfair.

Elven Spellcrafting: gain 1 mana when the opponent matches any of this troop’s mana colors.
Story: With a natural affinity for magic and lifespans which can stretch into centuries, some elven mages can understand magic on a level rivaling the fey spirits or even dragons. Challenge an elf and you may find your own techniques used against you as they learn on the fly.
Gameplay: Tired of the AI oppressing you with long turn chains? Build up mana as they fiddle around with the board, and hit back hard when your turn comes up! Plenty of traits activate based on player actions, and I think traits which activate on opponent actions (like Bone Dragon’s freeze) have plenty of untapped potential. The unpredictable mana gain from this trait would be more interesting than effects like color link or enchant.


I really like both of those!

I think elves could be perfect for finally introducing a “Reduce damage from Spells by X%” to mirror the traits for skull damage. It makes sense with elves: they’re typically magical beings that have a natural resistance/affinity to magic.


The problem is, some spells, due to naming convention, are not portrayed as purely magical spells.
IE: Munch, Crunch, Gnaw

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While I appreciate your devotion to the role play, if you accept the fact that they cannot crunch, munch, or gnaw until they have collected enough mana to do so… you can accept that it’s a spell being cast with a creative name. :wink:


they are skills? :slight_smile: