Mythic Elf Idea

I think a great idea would be to add a new mythic troop that was tagged elf. Currently almost no one plays with an elf team, even though they have the ability to have a full elf mystic team giving 2 magic. To push the emergence of elf/mystic teams I think that a Mythic troop with the elf/mystic tag should be developed. My favorite idea for this is an elf king, his ability would be called wrath of the woods and would deal x amount of damage to all enemies, have a 75% of entangling all enemies, and deal double damage against entangled. His traits would be Mana shield, Inscribed, and Lord of magic(unique mythic trait- Gain a magic whenever a spell is cast- allied or enemy, or gain a magic every one of your turns) His mana would be green, blue, brown. Another troop that could fill this spot would be a arch druid, who would also be a green, blue, brown mana troop. His ability would be called Nature’s guardian and it would deal x damage to a single troop and then summon a level x treant, His traits would be blessed, nature link, and One with Nature(unique mythic trait- gain x mana every turn, or 100% chance to revive x turns after death{if any troops remain} ). I feel that these troops would greatly increase the amount of elf/mystic teams out there which will help diversify the teams/troops in the meta. Thanks for reading through hope you’ll consider these troops.


Hell, we don’t even have a Legendary elf yet… :frowning:


Very good point. Do you think I should brainstorm some legendary as well?

somehow that elf king spell doesnt fit my elf king vision but the general idea of an enf mythic is definately cool :+1:

i think my ideal elf king would be more of a commanding others and single charge type so his traits shouls support the party while his spell deals single unit damage and buffs the party… something to show a wisdom that comes with a longevity of high born… the ultimate aoe power your elf king shows is more of an untimate mage thing not a king :stuck_out_tongue: so…

maybe something like this:

purple/green/ yellow(or whatever the thirs color)
magic link(+1 to purple gem matches), elf spirit (gain 1 magic for each elf in party), Royal High Born Inspiration (all elves gain +2 mana at the start of my each turn)

spell: Ancient Elven Forest Magic: deal x+magic damage to the target boosted by green gems on board, entangle and silence it. all allies gain +2 random stats.

Not sure what to suggest for a Legendary or Mythic Elf, but i support the idea.

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Your idea sound petty decent, I like it! Although I do feel it would be more of a elf/ knight sworn to protect his people. I was going for more of a Warcraft Night elf whose culture is based around nature and the leader is a powerful druid. I would connect yours more to a Dagon lance/ LOTR,elf lord which could very well work better in the game. Most elf/mystics in game are support troops though so it would be cool to have more damage in the team.

One day we may revive the design-a-troop project and this could be considered… It’s also likely the devs will give us some better Elves in due course…

Prodding @sirrian @nimhain for any chance of sorting out that EULA kerfuffle and returning things like design-a-troop to the community?

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in that case both mine and yours should work, mine is a high elf / forest elf while yours is a dark / night elf, its totally different kind so they could both have their representative mythics :slight_smile:

i pity poor dokkalfar (hes epic)

i think some legendary powerful mage dark elf would be great, also some kind of legendary legolas with a super aim (and fast or agile trait) :stuck_out_tongue:

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We already have Legolas (except he’s a common), there is no point in having two of him. He used to have True Shot and Agile as well, until the big True Shot nerf.

we have the glade warden but he looks like more a common elf, u can easily imagine a whole army of such elves and a proper position aiming their bows at the command of some higher elf. i dont think thats the real legolas (although i do know he was intended to)
my legolas would have some trick to his spell that it would allow him to shoot multiple times sometimes (but not by rng but by a certain condition, im still thinking about it) so you know he would do all that in the movie :stuck_out_tongue: the glade warden there cannot do anything but ‘pierce armor’ once and be done with

and about skull damage mechanics - that is not anything close to archery. legolas bravery of damage will come from spell not skull damage so i dont care about “true shot” they should rename it to “piercing hit” actually xD who “shoots” with a sword anyway? (i always think of a skull hits as a close combat clash, as you can see the unit even charges at the other while doing skull damage animation)’

to me all those elven soldiers with capes are the glade wardens

to me there is no point claiming glade warden is legolas as warden does not even one thing legolas should do, all they hold in comon is the text refference suggestion and the graphic.
but when it comes to what the unit actually does:
-it is not fast
-it cannot shoot multiple arrows in one go
-it may claim to have a good aim but i dont think thats the best implementation of it (all legolas had to do to aim perfectly was use some time but the warden just need a random-proper enviromnent set - the board gem colors - to have a better hit, thats not a skill on his own)

insteald warden has:
+true shot - which means he can pierce armor using a close combat skill - which is sure useful but it should not be a main characteristic of a super archer that legolas should be, that feat fits more for some super swordsman or one wwielding a pike

Thing is, his art is way too similar to the actual Legolas, so much that the flavor text doesn’t even have to directly reference him, just mention copyright and you automatically know what it meant. It will be hard to come with an artwork for your new troop that will look more like Legolas, and making the supposed ‘actual Legolas’ look less like him than a common card would be silly.

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the actual legolas can be more armored when it comes to graphic, for all i care they can reference him with everything else then the travellling outfit graphic :stuck_out_tongue:
he could wear more metallic armor pieces like the elven soldiers, he could have his cape actually be put on his head, he could have the diadem thing on his forehead, he could even be wearing red instead of green, if the spells represent him better and he becomes a legendary with some more unique name like Eleforas i dont think ppl would look at glade warden as legolas anymore, plus glade warden is very old graphic so they could even just re-do the warden while at it. there has been a case in past where they changed unit graphic :stuck_out_tongue:

plus the original idea of my legendary elf that i called legolas was to make a unit that DOES stuff legolas did, not a troop that just roleplays to be the legolas with its look. so it doesnt rly have to be legolas in graphic

If we do get an Elf legend/mythic I’d be happier if it was something a bit less cliched than a legolas-lookalike…

Uh, yes they would - the resemblance is so obvious. As would any generic wood elf archer trope troop…

I’m looking forward to 1/20/2017. :wink:

What’s on the 20th?

It would be nice to see some more of the old troops to get new art. Also a Elven archer would make a good legendary unit and I could see an ability like Triple Shot which would deal x damage to a chosen enemy then y damage to two random enemies. The power decreases on the next two shots because he would shoot them in quick succession drawing them back less and I only say random because other troops already hit adjacent enemies and this allows the ability to hit a unit up to 3 times. He could have a final trait called something like Master Archer that would give him a chance after using his ability to regain it (based off of scavenging arrows and being able to unload a quiver skillfully quick). But I believe their are many avenues that a Legolas based Elven Archer could take and this is only one.

New elf kingdom.


Very exciting!