Mythic Guild Guardian card "Leadership"

So I was thinking we have the guardians but what we don’t have is a mythic elemental/construct guardian creature.

The idea I had was to make his Mana colors be prismatic. 11 mana cost cast “give all allies 1 to all skills boosted by defeated troops”. The ratio would be x1 and defeated troops would count yours as well as your enemies. It would have 0 magic stat line from 1-20. Increasing its magic would have a 5:1 ratio of increasing the spells effect. Tier one trait would be Huge. Tier 2 trait all allies gain 2 to all skills. Tier 3 trait allies gain 3 to all skills when a troop dies.

It may be interesting, but maybe used no more frequently than War or Worldbreaker.

Disagree. At base kingdom/guild bonuses magic- It could be a +4 magic buff for the entire team each cast. And 11/prismatic is basically free, set to last and feeding on overflow mana. As unexciting as +all stats can be, it’s an undercosted dedicated support that could quickly make true damagers ridiculous fast.

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I like the idea of a prismatic all-colour guild guardian. I dislike your first execution attempt on it, sorry, it’s just numbers with bigger numbers. Could be interesting if it did something more original. Hooking it onto defeated troops is a new one, but probably only helps in the odd situation and again needs to be more than just adding numbers.

all the guardians do is add numbers and they add more numbers by a secondary “condition”. I kept with the theme of what guardians do. They add numbers and since its a combination of all of them it adds to ALL the numbers :slight_smile: and since it does that I lowered its magic power ratio and made the condition kinda hard to achieve so you could not easily break his numbers gaining. I am sorry you guys are looking for super unique idea’s but I am just following the theme already set forth in the game for a mythic to be added to it. I do enjoy the input please keep the opinions and thoughts coming all this hopefully helps devs with ideas when we bounce our thoughts off each other.