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Follow the rainbow!

Ok this might be an overpowered trait and i just thought of it so bear with me.

Rainbow link: Gain 1 mana when matching any gems (excluding skulls.)

It would give all mana regardless of which mana is matched, however can only give 1 extra mana at a time just like all “link” traits.

Someone already suggested that. It would be an awesome trait on some mythic.

Well heck, we might as well try and design one then, let’s make it a gem creator:

Name - Roy G Biv
Type - Divine Human Mystic (because why not)
Colors - all of them, like the Hero Prismatic Orb
Spell - Kaleidoscope (18 mana): Create 9 gems of a chosen type. (Not sure if we need to add another ability such as gain extra turn if 13 or more of that color is present)
Mythic Trait - Prismatic Link: Gain bonus Mana from Gem Matches. (Or 4-5 gem matches if that’s too powerful) Have to phrase it that we’ll know that red matches will only give bonus red mana, etc
So this begs the question: how the heck would we trait an all-color Mythic? Probably use a certain number of all of the mono-color Arcanes I presume.

Nothing but celestials

I’m here for the pot of gold, where is that?

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