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New mythic proposal

Here’s an idea for a mythic. Feel free to discuss, what you think :wink:

Name: Grand Alchemist Cleopatra
Kingdom: Leonis Empire
Mana color: red/blue/yellow
Troop type: Human/Mystic
Description: She looks GOLDen.

Greedy (+2 gold on match4/5)
Fast (start battle with 50% mana)
Elixir of Life (All troops gain 3 life on match 4/5)

Spell (32 mana):
Philosopher’s Stone:
Remove skulls from the board, gain gold based on skulls removed*.
Convert all gems of 3 randomly chosen colors into their opposite color.**

* either 1 skull = 1 gold, 1 doomskull = 5 gold, or just simple any skull = 2gold
** opposite colors are: blue-red, green-brown, yellow-purple

Edit: added some clarification to troop ability


way too complicated. plus, it’ll never see use.


I like the theme and typing.

The gold gain is too small to be interesting.
Opposite colors aren’t a thing in this game.
Random is rarely popular, especially with gem conversion it needs to be significant so that at the very least you’re not setting up an extra turn for your opponent 40% or more of the time.
I’m not sure whether you mean 3 completely random gems or 3 of the same color, but either way 3 gems is way too few. Make it at least 9 of the same color to have a somewhat reasonable chance at creating a match and extra turn.

Sounds like an underpowered version of Finley


I like the +3 life on 4/5, this needs to be explored at some point and actually make it useful…

The Hero’s Light Talent Tree already has Brilliant Aura: All allies gain 2 life on 4 or 5 Gem matches. The difference between 2 and 3 would be rather negligible.

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A mythic with Fast trait, that will be the day.

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it’s not 3 gems, but 3 gem colors, ability converts all gems of cosen color to it’s opposite color, 3 times

for example: every blue gets converted into red, than every green gets converted into brown, than all purple get converted into yellow
with skull removal, it’s ability leaves board in gems of one of 3 colors, with a huge loop possibility and RNG chance to fill mana on herself or/and any colored ally

I see it a bit overpowered, rather than underpowered, that’s why this troop has high mana cost and no resilence (so that it could be countered with freeze/silence), on the other hand, high mana cost is balanced with fast, so that it wouldn’t be a useless troop which never has a chance to use it’s ability

3 random colors may turn in: red to blue, blue to red and say green to brown.
So you ave an extremely expensive (and random) single mana converter + color swap… weird

Hmmm, I think that might make it indeed overpowered.

There would be a 1/9 chance that only 1 color pair is affected, which may or may not trigger an extra turn and because the color is random this effect would be quite weak.
There would also be a 2/9 chance that the board is reduced to 3 colors, if that happens, thanks to skull removal you pretty much match the entire board!
6/9 or 2/3 of the time it would convert 2 colors, which is something done by legendaries, but with 7 ‘colors’ on the board most of the time instead 6.

…actually with stuff like Gobtruffle around this might actually match the current powercurve and model. Well done.
I do think there are already too many annoying and fast loopers and really hope this one never gets made.

For me the issue is +2 being rather negligible. We’ve seen +4 to all skills on 4/5 introduced, not sure how +4 life on 4/5 would be overwhelming. The issue is always constantly updating all the troops and classes. So many old troops are obsolete and have been abandoned and could use a rework.

That’s the thing, +4 life on 4/5 match would still be underwhelming. I don’t see why it should be saddled on a future troop when we can move away from the idea of underpowered traits and find more interesting traits instead. We already have a proof of concept of what +3 would be like by deduction of the hero’s +2 to life talent and the answer is… why make a unique mythic have that as a trait?