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About "Race" traits

Let’s talk about what we can imagine about new race traits!

The current ones are:

So the easy ones are a set of X different immunity traits (X=3 seems nice, 5 seems a little too much… Fortitude I’m looking at you).
Fey could have a Frozen, Entangle and Mana Burn. Etc.

There also the question of the double-type troops, but apparently, it will be either one race trait or the other (cf. Bugbear).


Oh, this reminds me of a topic from long ago that I was very fond of related to making the races/kingdoms more thematic: Other teams that need synergy vs. Goblins

To name a few of my favorite ideas:

  • Mist of Scales could do way more with poison
  • Giants could leverage big Life pools better, perhaps by doing damage to themselves
  • Blighted Lands could be all disease-oriented
  • Forest of Thorns could leverage Entangled more (e.g, why doesn’t Hippogryph do bonus damage to Entangled instead of Hunters Mark?!)

Not sure if we are going to have kingdom specific traits…


  • Mist of Scales can be generalized to Naga type. I like the idea of a specific Poison like Troll has their specific Regeneration (even if Troll is not a type…). Why not “Naga Poison” which does twice damage than the normal one?
  • Blighted Lands to Daemons. Maybe a set of immunities (Disease, Burn, Poison).
  • FoT to… Fey? Elf? Elemental?

What do anyone think of my idea for this new trait exclusively for Tauros troops?

This trait is called “Tauros Might”, a stauts immunity trait that will make Tauros troops immune to stun, frozen, poison, silence, and entangle. All except Sunweaver, Skeleros, and Mongo will have that trait due to having Undying and Impervious traits respectively.

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It seems nice :slight_smile: .

I don’t know if the standard should be 5 immunities like Fortitude or only 3 like Undying…
In case of only 3 immunities, maybe remove poison and silence.

And I will prefer that Sunweaver gets the new trait better than Undying because she seems more a Tauros-Undead than an Undead-Tauros (ccompared to Skeleros).


Elemental - chance % to gain +1 mana while matching certain color gems

Stryx - trigger x at the start of your turn if there is a storm
(for example gain +2 attack)

Mist of Scales / naga - 50% chance to deal double spell damage to poisoned

Urska - something with enraged - enrage an ally at the moment of my death, or - enrage myself (and gain 5 life?) when an urska ally dies

Forest of Thorns / fey - at the start of your turn gain +1 stat if there is 13+ green gems

Construct & Daemon should not be charmable

Fey - 20% chance to gain stealthy at the start of the battle

Merlantis / merfolk - chance 50% to gain extra turn if blue gems are at least 2x more then red gems, at the satrt of my turn if there is 13 or more blue gems cleanse myself - loose 1 mana if there isnt

Human - creativity - if the board jumbles itself on its own you gain extra turn

Mystic or Daemon - has 20% chance to NEGATE (makign it not happen) enemy extra turn


Mist of Scales/Naga- Poison Potency, increase Poison dmg by 1. (Stackable)

So normal Poison does 1 dmg/turn.
Field a single Naga and poison does 2/dmg/turn.
A full team deals 5 dmg/turn! Now its something to at least NOTICE!

Mechs: Charge!- there is a 50% chance each turn to gain 2 mana.


Really like this one. Maybe something like the Orc so 4 different traits one for each stat (surely too strong for magic, maybe attack…). Or maye it triggers only once for each sotrm so more a “Gain +2 Life when a Storm is summoned”…
Other idea, storm last longer when cast by Stryx.

Agree with th Enrage-something. Death triggers are too rare to be useful.
So, why not gain something when being Enrage? Like “50% (maybe 100%) to gain +1 attack (or any other stats) by turn when enraged”. That gives a reason to have not-1st-slot troops to be enraged.
Other idea, Enrage is x2 (and not x1.5) for Urska troops.

It could be nice. So a multi-immunities trait? What about Disease, Poison, Charm and Silent for Construct and Charm, Burn, Disease for Deamons?

Better to give them Stealthy in this case… Why not something with Enchant (it seems the better race to have an Enchant based trait)? Gain one more mana point by turn when being enchant?

Submerge is coming: immunity to AoE until you cast a spell or attack. So maybe with it like Enrage: give +2 Life when submerged.

It seems super rare, no?

It could be nice but it seems quite powerful and annoying in defense… Mab is already a pain :stuck_out_tongue: .

It seems nice. Naga needs something about poison.

It seems super powerful. 1 mana by turn, it’s like a permanent enchant…

thanks for merlantis spoiler, makes sense too

i assume not all urska have trait or spell that makes them enraged, so i thought one that would make all of them do that would be suitable

could as well be “enrage at 5+ red gem match” but i thought on death wouldbe a nice “lore” flavor getting angry for teammate death and all… and not being too powerful :slight_smile: you know not all race traits have to be gamechanging

i would like to give daemons (or some other race) that negate extra turn effect so it could have a mix of immunity + the effect, then id probably let daemons be immune to charm only.

  • i think neutering extra turn its not too annoying, i rather find the concept being a relief and a counter to the whisps etc, they move too fast to ever freeze them and i would like some freeze alternative since the game suddenly recently gained TOO MUCH of extra turn tendention (even just cascade extra turn) its just a % chance and it could be made not stackable if need be?

tossing a whole bunch of immu to the mechanicals. but actually mechanicals i think should have a “failure chance” in their racial trait… something of a risk-reward…
something like this:

  • when casting a spell
  • 5% chance to not cast the spell, explode 6 gems, deal itself 10% damage to itself and gain extra turn
  • 5% chance to do the spell but afterwards deal itself 10% damage
  • 5% chance to perform one of spell effects twice
  • 85% chance to cast the spell normally

they are mechanicals, they cant be always working like they supposed to :stuck_out_tongue: especially with such low tech world

there is a lot of races , i think moast suitable would be glacial peak silverglade (uh is that fey there too? i was aiming at elves), that could possibly work around enchant - but not many with stealthy, i think fey feels most suitable - small, can fly or merge with nature surrounding… a fair chance for it to remain hidden

it could be instead a normal trait (not a % chance) giving “semi stealth” - being stealthy only until it gains damage or casts a spell? :slight_smile:

well if not fey maybe animals… i mean beast could gain that… but then they could become too powereful? (unlike fey who would be fine with it)

yeah but humans will be good for nothi… i mean everything… right? they arent particularly oriented in anything so i think it suits them :stuck_out_tongue: do they need a trait that triggers commonly?

edit: allright allright since it susper rare lets buff it:
if board jumbles on its own gain extra turn and 5 mana! :laughing:

opens a whole new game strategy to make the board unmatchable :smiley:

i was thinking to keep the poison globally work the same for eveyrone (for example when buffed deal a 10% damage not a 1 - poison is suppposed to be buffed, right?)
so then dont edit it with naga, instead to the below effect add:

  • heal 15 life when i deal damage to a poisoned enemy

here is idea for a race that doesnt exist yet

monkeys / rodents / tricksters - each time i deal skull damage inflict random status effect on the enemy

imps / tricksters - each time i cast a spell do one additional random effect (this could be powerful but possibly backfire too)

Raksha - improved tracking - % chance to inflict hunter mark when i deal damage (spell too), also % chance to double (stackable with other effects) damage to hunter mark (spell too)
or: 100% chance to place hunter mark if i deal damage to already wounded enemy (includes spell), deals 10% more damage to hunter marked enemies (stackable with other effects, includes spell)

this one gonna be funny and maybe not so suitable but here i go:
Lapina - “go merry merry” - 50% chance to trigger when an ally is about to receive spell damage (can trigger only once per spellcast) - prevents all damage on that ally, switch team position with that ally and receive 50%(round up) fromn that damage the ally would receive, does not trigger upon damage from another go merry merry, if a go merry merry already triggered from this spell then all other units with this trait will not trigger for this spell

(probably suitable for somethign else then lapina, if you hacve any idea to who - point it out)


Nice thread and some nice ideas. Sorry don’t have time to contribute much. May drop my racial traits ideas in later. I’d rather they did interesting and different things like some of the excellent suggestions above, and not just a stack more immunities. Thanks


True. But there should be some Urska making others Enrage like Corrupted Urska.

Yeah agree with the lore and the too powerful. But it cannot be worst than an existing trait, I think :slight_smile: .

Tauros are also a good candidate for an Enrage based trait like that.

Surely not Daemon as there are many powerful troops without this kind of traits.
Elemental maybe.

Maybe like that. But with a % it will never work for the player and always for the AI… :stuck_out_tongue:

Woah I just imagine the in-game description :stuck_out_tongue: . I think it’s a little bit complex but I like the idea. Why not a “after casting, 50% to be Disease or to be Enchant”?

There is also Rogue “race” that could fit the Stealthy status.
“semi stealth” is worst than “stealth” so why giving a worst version to these troops?
Maybe devs will change how Stealth is working with Submerge coming soon…

Give them full mana if you want :slight_smile: . It happens once every 100 battles…
Generally in RPG, Human race is associated to fast learners. Maybe something with more mana, like a link.

No news about that. Maybe for Nimhaim’s Lair 5 in 2020…

I don’t see Naga like the troops that you’re going to put in 1st position. Why not “Gain (or heal) 1 Life when someone is poisoned by turn (stackable if it’s heal else not-stackable)”.

There is a a monkey in the game files.

Interesting but not for a race. As you said it could be powerful so it’s better that devs put these kinds of traits troop by troop.

With this trait, it means all the Raksha will do twice more damage or x4 skull damage. Only one effect is enough, I think.
I have some issue to see the clear difference between Raksha and Wargare, african animals versus european ones?
But both + beast could have a trait around Hunter Mark.
For Beast, it could be “Skull damage are directed on a random HM troops” (idea coming from the HM buff topic).

Knight seems to be the good race. It’s called Cover in some RPG (FF for sure). 50% trigger seems a lot so maybe only 20%. I don’t think the switch is necessary especially if the troop should already tank in 1st position.
One variant could be that it works only on Skull damage. So he can support your tank by taking 20% of the attacks.
Or 100% of trigger but only on fatal blow.

Divine/Daemon/Dragon contains all already powerful troops so only a 3-immunities should be enough for them.

Centaur… Eat grass? So gain life when matching green gems? <- joke

Elf: something with magic. Maybe a boosted arcane, either “gain 2 magic when an ally casts a spell” or “gain 1 magic when someone casts a spell.”.

Will devs really want to put a racial trait for each race? It seems they want to buff some troops with a more powerful trait… Maybe @Saltypatra can guide us on the next race to have a special trait :slight_smile: .

that trivialises it into a boring effect! betrter deal with description xD

uh but the shards did that to the poor urska :frowning: urska doing that to each other (or even to other non-urska units) is completely out of lore to me :S

i think some evil or half-corrupted dark-o-mancer should do that… it could be even a human/undead or whatnot…

then buff it to “cleanse myself, enrage myself and one random ally when an ally dies” there you go different and not weaker :stuck_out_tongue: now the original trait can be scrapped or put into non-urska troops only :stuck_out_tongue:

somehow i dont feel like it… they like to charge at enemy but its not so “Rageful”

to Tauros - i would give “destroy random column” (with 75% or even 50% gem mana effect) when i damage to the enemy (so it would be neutralised by barrier etc)

ok rng not good for a player - very fair point! :+1:
but i think placing extra turn limitation on demons precisely is the best - with demons the game pace would have to slow down. why is that a bad thing? but its fair point could add a two-edged blade to it

how about 100% chance to prevent/block every 3rd extra turn of the enemy, when blocking extra turn - loose 5 life (it doesnt reset upon switching turn to the oter party gaining turn, it will just keep counting to 3 for both parties separatelly)

Some nice points here.

i guess you are right its weaker so…

Fey - Natural Hideout - at the start of the game become stealthy until i receive damage or cast a spell, at the end of effect chain - after stealthy is removed - gain enchanted (so after the spell was casted if thats what caused the effect)

is there? i thought raven is human :sweat_smile:

no that would be too op for queen and tesla xD i could go with 8 maybe 10 mana at most, maybe 5 was too little indeed
you are right maybe its still too little, lets buff it:

“if board jumbles on its own gain extra turn and 6 mana,
also gain +1 mana for every 20 mana collected amongst whole team (stacking with itself)”

they dont need to be in first position to require healing, there is enough of aoe and true damage on the enemy side to make a use of this trait. also that there isnt doesnt mean there couldnt be :stuck_out_tongue:

raksha is cat, wargare is dog/wolf

so far the wargare been looking pretty dumb (especially lore-wise, look at troop description at their release) while raksha more like an intelligent being (well tau is still pretty dumb but still smarter then the wargare, i bet - lol)

and yeah i dont like the % chance in the end, would go with the second version of slightly increased damage and guaranteed hunter mark

i like it for beasts. kinda op too, haha, but id give it a shot

with knight i would do the same/similar but triggering at skull damage, while the lapina go merry merry triggers at spell damage

the switch is what makes it a double edge, so you dont get a damage reduction without paying any costs :wink:


would be acceptable too… but watch out for mab… how would you address mab with this?

i hope so! this could make the game feel like strategy puzzle again if done right !

Do “doing damage” is an actual trigger? I think there is only “on skull damage”. “doing damage” could be too powerful I think…

Raging bull when they see red cover, no?

It could be nice. But with “skull damage”?

This trait will counter the extra turn META and so if you want to counter, you will have to use one of these troops. I don’t think it should be counter like that. I will prefer a general nerf better than a counter mechanic.
And it devs prefer a counter trait than a nerf, I don’t think this trait should be stick to one race.

He’s both apparently.

I said that because it’s so rare. No?

I didn’t catch that you were talking about “damage” and not “skull damage”… Not sure if devs will add a “spell damage” trigger…

It seems :wink: .

For spell damage, it could be complex. For example, AoE spell: will the Lapina take his damage + half the damage that he covers? And it seems that he will be a meat bag and kill very fast.

For both, one possible issue is that there is somewhat a drawback and traits should not have it as we cannot remove them… I mean for one team you could want one specific knight to be safe during the fight and so on, not that he takes all damage and rush in 1st position… Not sure if I want my Templar dying to protect another troop for example.

For knight, agree with the “only skull damage”. So if you have only one knight in 1st position and cover trigger you have a normal 50% reduction. So maybe have different version with -50%/-25% reduction.
For the switch not sure, as said some knights are more caster than tank so having them in 1st position could be a huge drawback. Moreover, it means the knight will have to rush in 1st position and so on, he couldn’t cover anymore.
Now if you have 4 knights, what happens if 2 cover triggers at the same time? Which troop should trigger first? That could be an issue too…

Skull damage reduction is okay it’s just like the other trait so I don’t think it requires a drawback :wink: .
There is no spell damage reduction trait so there is certainly some reasons why devs don’t want this kind of traits…

She’s a fey… A big fat fey :stuck_out_tongue: . And Mab already has Arcane…