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More Magic buff?

So… with all the extra Health and Armor from the new kingdoms and guild bonuses…
Anyone feeling that we could use some extra Magic stat too?
I mean, when an avg end-game mythic creature sports 50ish armor and 50ish health, a 35 damage single target spell feels more like a love pat on the head than an actual attack.

I’m pretty sure elven kingdom will be magic :slight_smile:


I’d have to agree. Elves HAS to be a magic kingdom. Lol

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Also weren’t kingdoms upgraded at some point to allow for more stars? It seems like a Triple skill bonus is coming at 10 stars whenever that gets released. That would be an increase for 4 magic I believe? (or is it 5 kingdoms now?)

You’re right about triple skill bonus, but all of the armor/health kingdoms will get those, too. Really won’t close the gap.

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I’m not sure the gap needs closing. 1 point of magic makes quite a large difference, which is why we have so few kingdoms with them. Having said that, another kingdom with magic wouldn’t hurt.

Ah another fine person that writes contradicting posts. Nice to meet you brother. My name is HK.

But having said that, my name isn’t HK.

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