Home Kingdom needs a buff

I would like to see bonus from setting Home Kingdom getting a buff other than the current double Tribute perk.
Maybe getting a mana boost like in the old versions?
This could also address the “Let’s stop using Whitehelm as Home Kingdom” issue that @orbin111 mentioned before if we could start getting more diversity in Kingdom perks to choose from.


how about globally slightly increased arcane and runic drop rates depending on the home kingdom?
even silly +2% would probably do the trick, especially if that % chance could be added to the pvp drops


Or x2 the bonus point?
If you have it at level 5 youll get 4 magic, not 2. Or 4 attack etc. A lot of magic kingdoms would be used :smiley:

then in the end only the magic (maybe attack too) kingdoms would be used, i dont rly like it - gives not enough choices


I’m sure it has been mentioned, but they could just flip the script and make the traitstones from PVP be based on your home kingdom and not the home of who you are targeting.


Or making your hero count as being from that kingdom. Doubling it up with a class gives a buff.

Honestly, I’d rather the PVP traitstone rewards not come from your home kingdom. That means I’ll have to continually move it around depending on what I want/need. Much prefer going to random, or one of the other good suggestions that have been made over time.


Agree with @Annaerith, that won’t help, it’ll just move the problem to a small number of Magic stat kingdoms… all of which include purple…

The class system (pants though it is) is intended to determine hero class. Changing to this won’t happen, and doubling up with this (you come from two kingdoms) is too confusing.

'cos clicking a few things and paying 50 gold is hard work? Hmmm… this suggestion got mixed feedback: many players would like the control added by letting home kingdom roll the traitstones. Random is okay for the player base as a whole but RNGesus would still leave some players moaning on the forum that they get too many purples or not enough reds and so on.


I change my home Kingdom every time I go to farm a different stone anyway, that way I never miss a tribute collection while clicking explore.


I’ve always been a proponent of having the players Home Kingdom choose the traitstones in PvP instead of the defense. I also remember a thread a long time ago that bandied about the idea of each Kingdom giving some sort of unique bonus/buff/debuff in PvP matches. Would be very interesting but then everyone would gravitate to the one or two Kingdoms that were determined to be the Power Kingdoms.

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Why not have the runic at the end of the match depend on a random defend or attack unit.

If it picks EK (blue/brown) your arcane would be Shield(blue/brown) and your runic could be brown or blue.

What’s popular changes over time and since people try to cover all the colors, you’d have a large variety of arcanes and runics. Everyone wouldn’t be stuck with a surplus of yellow and arcane summer.

None of the Above

For me the best thing should be that all the pvp stones were linked to the weekly kingdom event, so for example Glacial peaks new troops realese, in all pvp battles we get only purple and blues.

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That’s unlikely to work well, it’d starve us of some combos, whilst we get too many of others. Six months of getting way too many mono-red or brown/purple stones. And pretty much zero mono-green or mono-brown, for example. No thanks.

You would rather have double yellow for almost all matches? What’s your suggestion?

Discussed above.

Mixed views:

  • I like home kingdom driving what trait stone you get
  • which gives a degree of control
  • most others seem to prefer random stones
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It feels good to have some control, so I can see your point that going away if it’s completely random.

The problem with home kingdoms is that if stats are important, then all the players who have the game figured out will gravitate to a single choice, i.e. whitehelm with the rain of yellow and arcane summer.

What I was going for is that now since the arcanes could come from your attack or their defend, it’s a combination of what you have and what they have. So if you’re looking for a particular interest, you up your chances by picking a troop with the arcane you want.

OR what if it was your attack and your defend team? Then you can heavily influence what traitstones you get. If the incentives were figured out correctly, it might give people a reason to use more varied defend teams because they’re going for a particular traitstone.

Thanks for helping me brainstorm @Jainus

i can understadn the concept of your defense team influencing your traitstone drops (thats pretty cool idea to give pvp more variety)

but i dont get the part about your invade team influencing it as well, please explain?

originally there were ideas about your home kingdom influencing it or it being random, but not really your invade team… i think that rather makes whole gameplay less fun - as instead of enjoying whatever deck you wanted you will have to struggle using a deck that will reflect more into traitstones you wanted - i dont like this.

Well basically you have different possible combinations that could be considered instead of the true home kingdom that everyone picks.

If we can come to consensus, maybe we’ll have an easier time getting buyin from the devs.
So lets think about possible combinations:

  1. invade teams
  2. defend teams
  3. weekly event kingdom
  4. a second weekly kingdom for this purpose
  5. something they could tie into guild wars. I think I remember something about bonuses based on color for each day, so maybe a random stone with that color…

None Of The Above

I’d be cautious of it becoming too complex, with too many variables, e.g. multiple troops, at once. Keep it simple.


I agree about not being too complete, but picking a choice from an array is a simple task. Maybe as a programmer my bar for complexity is higher. :slight_smile:

That’s essentially how legendary tasks work. You have three drop tables and it selects something from each table that hasn’t already been picked.

I made a list of possible combinations, i.e. pick one from the list, or more to determine the drop pool of possibilities.

The main point is that we have little diversity in the drop options today. I can definitely see @Annaerith point against using invade teams. My objective here is to come up with good options as a community and if we’re on the same page it’s more realistic that we could get it adopted.