What do you think will be the skill of the new Kingdom?

I think it will be magic or attack. What about you?

I’m hoping for magic, but they will likely do HP or armor.

My bet is armor. Would go with magic but we just got that last time.

Magic would be very nice, but I think also Attack or Armor. I am curious. We will see what happens :sunglasses:

Current bonuses are:
M. Woods - Health
Pan’s Vale - Health
Zaejin - Health
Ghulvania - Health
Sword’s Edge - Armour
Pridelands - Attack
Khaziel - Health
Stormheim - Health
Whitehelm - Armour
Adana - Armour
Forest of T. - Attack
Khetar - Armour
Broken Spire - Health
Karakoth - Magic
Mist of Scales - Armour
Grosh-Nak - Armour
Blighted Lands - Magic
Darkstone - Magic
Zhul’Kari - Magic
Drifting Sands - Armour
Divinion Fields - Health
Wild Plains - Attack

Health: 8
Armour: 7
Attack: 3
Magic: 4

Attack would make sense from the above… however the theme of the kingdom would suggest Magic in my opinion.


Armor. Blue and ice fit to well with armor


Considering the last patch removed two Attack Kingdoms, my guess is also Armour.

It removed them? :open_mouth:

Changed them to other bonuses…

Huh fair enough. Didn’t know that. Then yeah Armour makes sense from theme if it’s not going to be magic or attack. (I’m still gunning for Magic though)

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I think it’ll be attack as that an attack kingdom had its bonus changed so overall there is 1 fewer attack bonus then before that change… (There used to be 4 kingdoms with an attach bonus, now there are 3)

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This is the first thing that came to mind for me also.

When I thought about Blue and ice only magic stroke me… :slight_smile:

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You’ve been watching Frozen too many times…just let it go…


I actually have, my little sister have to see it twice each day.