Elf-Eater of Grosh-Nak

Just a minor issue thought I’d point out.
Now that Elves have been separated from Fey as a race, shouldn’t the Elf-Eater make the appropriate adjustment too?

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The Elf-Eater, by definition, is not an Elf. He’s the one who cooks them for breakfast.

I believe he’s saying the Elf-Eater should now do more damage to elves, rather than fey.

He probably should deal the bonus damage to elves. However he is a good counter to Gloom Leaf at the moment.

Or change his name to Fey-Eater. Although for some reason that doesn’t sound as menacing to me.

Ahah, Fey-Eater actually sounds fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Make it bonus damage to Elves and Fey?

(it’s not that great a troop anyway so that’s hardly going to make it over-powered)

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Hehe, or triple damage to Elves because he needs to eat and just double damage to Fey because they are just annoying, but too grisly to eat :stuck_out_tongue:


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