We need more "good" elves

It occurred to me today that among elves, what we might call “the dark side” is way over represented. There’s a bunch of dark elves from Zhul’kari, then you’ve got the Glade Warden and Tyri for the “good guys.” That’s kinda lame, IMO. I think we need a new good elf. No specific ideas for who it should be, but being a fan of all things Tolkien I like me some good elves way more than than the bad ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, Dwarves and Elves are the two weakest troop types right now. Dwarves are the weakest, but don’t have a good hard counter. Elves have Glade Warden, but they have the hard coutner of Elf Eater.

Aside from adding more troops, some other changes that could help are:

  • Completely reworking Dokkalfar
  • Give Bombardier 30% chance to burn on his ability
  • Seriously, add more Dwarves (only 5 in the entire game, with no one kingdom having 4)

Top 5 lowest number of units per type :

Construct : 8
Divine : 6
Elf : 6
Elemental : 5
Dwarf : 5

Elemental and Divine have good synergy though. Dwarves and Elves do not. Next elemental should be coming in a month or two for Spring anyways.

For Divines, only Priestess and Paladin.
For Elemental… No. Except if you mean elemental bonds, but that’s not really synergy.

Archon Statue - Paladin - Star Gazer - Valkyrie is a decent divine combo. Undead and dragon teams are pretty common, so Statue or Paladin will 1 shot most with Star Gazer. Templar - 3x Paladin is much better, but a full divine team is nowhere as horrible as a full Elf or Dwarf team.

Elemental just go the 3 single element troops with that all mana split shot hero weapon at 50 all masteries.

Valkyrie / Star Gazer is what I call Synergy (though that blue mana generation is wasted). Archon Statue and Paladin isn’t synergizing with anything here.
The deck might be usefull, but it’s below average in my opinion.

As for the imps… Absolutely no synergy at all. Winter does true damage while the others don’t so you end up having to go through armor anyway. They don’t synergize, they are just enjoying a 3 same type / 3 same kingdom boost and have individual good stats.

But the real difference with Dwarf and Elves is that these types cover more mana while all elfs use Green and all Dwarves use Brown mana, wich is too much creepling.

Mmm… actually, Dragon only has 7 troops, so it beats out Construct in that regard. Though I will say that dragons have some of the best synergy in the game. Would still be nice to have some early game options of them though.

Oh, right, I see a lot of Dragon decks so I just assumed they were more than that ^^
But, yeah, Dragons use all colors and have strong spells that can work well together…

In fairness, though, very few troop types can be found in fours in a given kingdom, at least in useful combinations (outside of the ever popular Marauder category–Goblins AND Orcs? Yeesh). You can find 4 Undeads or Wildfolk in a given kingdom, for instance, but rarely 4 that work well together. And several types you can’t find 4 of at all even apart from Elves and Dwarves, e.g. Knights and Humans.

There are plenty that can though, with 4 of a kind in a single kingdom, such as divine, marauders 2x, fey, giants, constructs, undead 2x, wildfolk 2x, knight, and elf.

Elf and knights already have 4+ in a kingdom, which is why I said for Dwarves. Most of them can’t work well with 4, but easily can with 3 and an alternate.

Ack, I always forget about the Wolf Knight… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Still, I think you could make a 4-dwarf team that’s just as good as a 4-knight team, if you’re trying to get 3 from Sword’s Edge and Khaziel, respectively. I do agree, though, that dwarves need a bit of love as well.