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Natural trait for each race

Hi there.
Maybe not good Idea, but what about give to ALL unit one basical trait depending of what there are.
I mean, sometime the game is quit funny : killing ifrit with fire??? Or undead can become sick???

So what about give too each race one unique trait capacity in addition to the 3 normal trait?
For exemple undead immune to sick; dwarves receive more money; knight got 25% skull damage résistance; naga immune to poison etcetc…
Have a good day.


As much as I LOVE this idea, and I really do…

It would be a huge undertaking and I feel it would be very difficult to balance.

If it’s possible I’m all for it, I just don’t think it’s realistic :frowning:

Give all goblins an extra turn when casting a spell.


I like the idea a lot. Was thinking about something like this myself. All ended should be immune to poison (since there is nothing to be poisoned). Every daemon troop could reduce random enemy stats by 1 at start (they are supposed to be scary guys that lower enemy attack abilities just by being present). Etc

would be a bit OP for cards with 2 races though and a lot of traits must be changed.

How op would it be if a troop is immune to poison or burn? :slight_smile:

I like this concept a lot. But is should be small bonus. Instead of 25% for Knights armor maybe plus 2. Nice idea!

EDIT: of course its power creep, but would fit with each troops theme, giving more flavor to each troop type.

I like this in concept and flavour… but I think in practice it’s not worth the effort:

  • it’s not easily visible, it’s an extra thing players have to remember and new or casual players will get confused by
  • it would be hard to balance to advantage or disadvantage each race
  • there are just better things for the devs to be spending their time doing - like buffing and nerfing and reining in the daftness of powercreep

I think this is an important point that many new feature requests fail to consider. Increasing the cognitive load (complexity) of a game system is not to be undertaken lightly, especially with a drop-in drop-out style match-3. There would have to be substantial wins to justify a change like this, not just surface “flavor.”


I think people are blowing the original posters idea out there and making a mountainous system out of it. If it were a “intrinsic” trait it would be easy for new players to understand and highly visible. Just re-space the 3rd page troop card to include the “free” one from Race.

I would still be concerned with power creep though… (all troops would effectively have 4 Traits)
I still like the idea, but there far better things for the developers to be working on.

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I really like your idea. It’s an exceptional concept! Looking for and exploring more and additional synergies between troops, kingdoms, players, etc.

I’d also love to see a 5 vs. 5 or a 6 vs. 6 Gameplay mode! I often feel like there are so many amazing troops but we are limited to only 4 each time!

Often times in the early idea process, it is much more valuable to simply imagine amazing features and concepts. Most of what is generated in the early stages of idea formation is not feasible or actionable, but it is essential to non-linear breakthroughs in current modes of thinking / operations (See TRIZ as an example).

Very cool thought for sure. Thank you for sharing.

i like it, it looks so nice, new breathe to the role laying part of game too…
follows the logic and makes sense too,

if only it wasnt so hard to balance by now :cry:

Have you seen how often people are asking why their troop has different stats from an opponent’s version of the troop and then we get to explain about the kingdom boni again?
I fully agree with @Lyya that although it sounds flavorfully nice, it is not worth the complexity creep at all.